Died on this Day

Anniversary Date: 12-Feb

Died on This Day (12-Feb)

Person Person Description Age Anniv
Gordon Banks Gordon Banks Gordon Banks OBE was an English professional footballer who played as a goalkeeper. English football goalkeeper 81 1
Al Jarreau Al Jarreau Alwin Lopez Jarreau was an American singer and musician. American singer and musician 76 3
Sid Caesar Sid Caesar Isaac Sidney Caesar was an American comic actor, comedian and writer. American actor 91 6
Russell Arms Russell Arms Russell Lee Arms was an American actor and singer. American singer, actor 92 8
Allan Kornblum Allan Kornblum Allan Nathaniel Kornblum was a United States federal judge and authored key parts of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. American judge 71 10
Tom Landry Tom Landry Thomas Wade Landry was an American professional football player and coach. American football player and coach 75 20
Nicholas Colasanto Nicholas Colasanto Nicholas Colasanto was an American actor and television director who is best known for his role as "Coach" Ernie Pantusso in the American television sitcom Cheers. American actor and television director 61 35
Cliff Rankin Cliff Rankin Cliff Rankin was an Australian rules footballer, who played for the Geelong Football Club in the Victorian Football League from 1915 to 1928. Australian rules footballer and coach 78 45
Émile Sauret Émile Sauret Émile Sauret was a French violinist and composer. French violinist and composer 67 100
Jacob de Kempenaer Jacob de Kempenaer Jacobus Mattheüs de Kempenaer was a Dutch politician and lawyer who served as Chairman of the Council of Ministers from November 1848 to November 1849. Dutch prime minister 76 150
Person Person Description Age Anniv
Daryle Singletary Daryle Singletary Daryle Bruce Singletary was an American country music singer. American country music singer 46 2
Steve Strange Steve Strange Stephen John Harrington , known professionally as Steve Strange, was a Welsh singer. Welsh pop singer 55 5
Hennadiy Udovenko Hennadiy Udovenko Hennadiy Yosypovych Udovenko was a Ukrainian politician and diplomat. Ukrainian politiican 81 7
Betty Garrett Betty Garrett Betty Garrett was an American actress, comedian, singer and dancer. Actress, dancer 91 9
Brian Kelly Brian Kelly Brian Kelly was an American actor widely known for his role as Porter Ricks, the widowed father of two sons on the NBC television series Flipper. American actor 73 15
Philip Taylor Kramer Philip Taylor Kramer was an American bass guitar player for the rock group Iron Butterfly and associated groups between 1974 and 1980. American bass guitar player 42 25
Jørgen Stubberud Jørgen Stubberud Jørgen Stubberud was a Norwegian polar explorer who participated in the Amundsen Antarctica Expedition between 1910 and 1912. Norwegian polar explorer 96 40
Antonio Villa-Real Antonio Villa-Real Antonio Ochango Villareal was a Filipino jurist who served as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. Filipino judge 65 75
Landon Garland Landon Garland Landon Cabell Garland , an American, was professor of physics and history and university president three times at different Southern Universities while living in the Southern United States for his entire life. American university administration 84 125
Niklaus Dachselhofer Niklaus Dachselhofer Niklaus Dachselhofer was a Swiss politician in Bern. Swiss politician 74 350