Died on this Day

Anniversary Date: 29-Feb

Died on This Day (29-Feb)

Person Person Description Age Anniv
Davy Jones Davy Jones David Thomas Jones was an English actor and singer. Monkees singer 66 8
Nikita Moiseyev Nikita Moiseyev Nikita Nikolayevich Moiseyev was a prominent Soviet and Russian mathematician, full member of the Soviet and Russian Academies of Sciences and of the International Academy of Science, Munich. Russian mathematician 82 20
Melvin Purvis Melvin Purvis Melvin Horace Purvis II was an American law enforcement official and Federal Bureau of Investigation agent. FBI Agent 56 60
Ernie Courtney Ernie Courtney Edward Ernest Courtney was a third baseman in Major League Baseball who played for the Boston Beaneaters , Baltimore Orioles , New York Highlanders , Detroit Tigers and Philadelphia Phillies . American baseball player 45 100
Person Person Description Age Anniv
Jerome Lawrence Jerome Lawrence was an American playwright and author. American playwright and author 88 16
Yigal Allon Yigal Allon Yigal Allon was an Israeli politician, commander of the Palmach, and general in the IDF. Israeli politician 61 40
E. F. Benson E. F. Benson Edward Frederic Benson OBE was an English novelist, biographer, memoirist, archaeologist and short story writer. English novelist 72 80
Johann Joachim Eschenburg Johann Joachim Eschenburg Johann Joachim Eschenburg was a German critic and literary historian. German literary critic 76 200