Died on this Day

Anniversary Date: 18-Mar

Died on This Day (18-Mar)

Person Person Description Age Anniv
Kenneth To Kenneth King-him To was a Hong Kong Australian swimmer who practised individual medley, freestyle, butterfly and breaststroke. Hong Kong Australian swimmer 26 1
Chuck Berry Chuck Berry Charles Edward Anderson Berry was an American singer, songwriter and guitarist who pioneered rock and roll. American musician 90 3
Ara Shiraz Ara Shiraz Ara Shiraz was an Armenian sculptor. His mother and father were the poets Silva Kaputikyan and Hovhannes Shiraz. Sculptor 72 6
Imra Agotić Imra Agotić Imra Agotić was a Croatian general who distinguished himself in the Croatian War of Independence. Croatian general 69 8
Fess Parker Fess Parker Fess Elisha Parker Jr. , was an American film and television actor best known for his portrayals of the titular characters in the Walt Disney television miniseries Davy Crockett and the long-running television series Daniel Boone . American film and television actor 85 10
James H. Howard James H. Howard James Howell Howard was a general in the United States Air Force and the only fighter pilot in the European Theater of Operations in World War II to receive the Medal of Honor — the United States military's highest decoration. American fighter pilot in World War II 81 25
Myrtle Cook Myrtle Cook Myrtle Alice Cook was a Canadian athlete who competed mainly in the 100 metres. Athletics (sport) competitor 83 35
Adrienne Bolland Adrienne Bolland Adrienne Bolland, born Boland, was a French test pilot. French aviator 78 45
Hans Waldmann Hans Waldmann Hans Peter Waldmann was a German Luftwaffe fighter ace and recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross of Nazi Germany. Recipient of the Knight's Cross 22 75
John P. Leedom John P. Leedom John Peter Leedom was a U.S. Representative from Ohio for one-term from 1881 to 1883. American politician 47 125
Person Person Description Age Anniv
Li Ao Li Ao Li Ao was a Chinese writer, social commentator, historian and independent politician based in Taiwan. Chinese writer 82 2
Barry Hines Barry Hines Melvin Barry Hines, FRSL was an English author, playwright and screenwriter. English author 76 4
Clay Ford Clay Ford Clarence V. Ford, known as Clay Ford , was an attorney and Republican politician from Gulf Breeze in Santa Rosa County near Pensacola, Florida, who from 2007 until his death represented District 2 in the Florida House of Representatives. American politician 74 7
Warren Christopher Warren Christopher Warren Minor Christopher was an American lawyer, diplomat and politician. US Statesman 85 9
Eberhard Bethge Eberhard Bethge was a German theologian and pastor, best known for being the close friend and biographer of the theologian and anti-Nazi Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Bonhoeffer biographer 90 20
Robin Harris Robin Harris Robin Hughes Harris Sr. was an American comedian and actor, best known for his recurring comic sketch about "Bébé's Kids". Comedian 36 30
Tamara Lempicka Tamara Lempicka Tamara Łempicka , better known as Tamara de Lempicka, was a Polish painter who spent her working life in France and the United States. Polish painter 81 40
Waldo Peirce Waldo Peirce Waldo Peirce was an American painter, who for many years reveled in living the life of a bohemian expatriate. American artist 85 50
Franz Büchner Franz Büchner Franz Büchner PlM was one of the most successful German fighter aces of the First World War, shooting down 40 enemy aircraft. German flying ace 22 100
Gulian C. Verplanck Gulian C. Verplanck Gulian Crommelin Verplanck was an American attorney, politician, and writer. American politician 83 150