Died on this Day

Anniversary Date: 07-Apr

Died on This Day (07-Apr)

Person Person Description Age Anniv
Seymour Cassel Seymour Cassel Seymour Joseph Cassel was an American actor who appeared in over 200 movies and television shows, and had a career that spanned over 50 years. American actor 84 1
Tim Pigott-Smith Tim Pigott-Smith Timothy Peter Pigott-Smith, OBE was an English film and television actor and author. English film and television actor 70 3
José Luis Sampedro José Luis Sampedro José Luis Sampedro Sáez was a Spanish economist and writer who advocated an economy "more humane, more caring, able to help develop the dignity of peoples". Spanish writer 96 7
Edward Edwards Edward Edwards Edward Wayne Edwards was an American serial killer. American serial killer 77 9
Cliff Allison Cliff Allison Henry Clifford "Cliff" Allison was a British racing driver from England, who participated in Formula One during seasons 1958 to 1961 for the Lotus, Scuderia Centro Sud, Ferrari and UDT Laystall teams. British racing driver 73 15
John Agar John Agar John George Agar Jr. was an American film and television actor. American actor 81 18
Frank Secory Frank Secory Frank Edward Secory was an American left fielder and umpire in Major League Baseball who played 186 games from 1940 to 1946 with the Cincinnati Reds, Detroit Tigers, and Chicago Cubs. American baseball player 82 25
Maria Michi Maria Michi Maria Michi was an Italian supporting actress who worked with Roberto Rossellini on his two early neorealism masterpieces: Rome, Open City and Paisà. Italian actor 58 40
Elizabeth Bibesco Elizabeth Bibesco Elizabeth, Princess Bibesco was an English socialite, actress and writer between 1921 and 1940. Writer, actress 48 75
Abel Niepce de Saint-Victor Abel Niepce de Saint-Victor Claude Félix Abel Niépce de Saint-Victor was a French photographic inventor. French photographic inventor 64 150
Person Person Description Age Anniv
Peter Grünberg Peter Grünberg Peter Andreas Grünberg was a German physicist, and Nobel Prize in Physics laureate for his discovery with Albert Fert of giant magnetoresistance which brought about a breakthrough in gigabyte hard disk drives. German physicist 78 2
Peaches Geldof Peaches Geldof Peaches Honeyblossom Geldof was an English columnist, television personality, and model. English columnist, TV personality, and model 25 6
Mike Wallace Mike Wallace Myron Leon Wallace was an American journalist, game show host, actor, and media personality. American journalist 93 8
Christopher Cazenove Christopher Cazenove Christopher de Lerisson Cazenove was an English film, television and stage actor. British actor 66 10
Barry White Barry White Barry Eugene Carter , better known by his stage name Barry White, was an American singer and songwriter. American singer-songwriter 58 17
Franz Grohmann Franz Grohmann The Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross and its variants were the highest awards in the military and paramilitary forces of Nazi Germany during World War II. SS officer 80 20
Ronald Evans Ronald Evans Ronald Ellwin Evans Jr. was an American electrical engineer, aeronautical engineer, officer and aviator in the United States Navy, and NASA astronaut. American astronaut 56 30
Charles Williams Charles Williams Charles K. Williams was an American author of crime fiction. American writer 65 45
James L. Kemper James L. Kemper James Lawson Kemper was a lawyer, a Confederate general in the American Civil War, and the 37th Governor of Virginia. Confederate Army general 71 125
Carl Olof Cronstedt Carl Olof Cronstedt Carl Olof Cronstedt the elder was a Swedish naval commander responsible for the overwhelming Swedish victory at the Second Battle of Svensksund, one of the largest naval battles in history. Swedish admiral 63 200