Died on this Day

Anniversary Date: 19-Apr

Died on This Day (19-Apr)

Person Person Description Age Anniv
Verena Wagner Lafferentz Verena Wagner Lafferentz Verena Wagner Lafferentz was the fourth child and younger daughter of Winifred and Siegfried Wagner, and the youngest granddaughter of German composer Richard Wagner. Granddaughter of Richard Wagner 98 1
Estelle Balet Estelle Balet Estelle Balet was a Swiss freeride snowboarder and two-time world champion in 2015 and 2016 at the Freeride World Tour. Swiss freeride snowboarder 21 4
François Jacob François Jacob François Jacob was a French biologist who, together with Jacques Monod, originated the idea that control of enzyme levels in all cells occurs through regulation of transcription. French scientist 92 7
Elisabeth Sladen Elisabeth Sladen Elisabeth Clara Heath-Sladen was an English actress. English actress 65 9
Ruth Hussey Ruth Hussey Ruth Carol Hussey was an American actress best known for her Academy Award-nominated role as photographer Elizabeth Imbrie in The Philadelphia Story. American actress 93 15
Louis Applebaum Louis Applebaum Louis Applebaum CC OOnt FRCMT was a Canadian film score composer, administrator, and conductor. Canadian film score composer 82 20
Jack Broome Jack Broome Captain John Egerton Broome DSC , also known as Jackie Broome, was a Royal Navy officer who served in both World Wars. Royal Navy officer 84 35
Imtiaz Ali Taj Imtiaz Ali Taj Syed Imtiaz Ali Taj was a Pakistani dramatist who wrote in the Urdu language. Pakistani (Urdu) dramatist 69 50
Jean Baffier Jean Baffier Jean Baffier , was a French sculptor. French artist 68 100
Andreas Schelfhout Andreas Schelfhout Andreas Schelfhout was a Dutch painter, etcher and lithographer, known for his landscape paintings. Dutch painter 83 150
Person Person Description Age Anniv
Aaron Hernandez Aaron Hernandez Aaron Josef Hernandez was an American football tight end. American football tight end 27 3
Frits Thors Frits Thors Alexander Frederik Paul "Frits" Thors was a Dutch journalist and news anchor. Dutch television presenter 104 6
Levon Helm Levon Helm Mark Lavon "Levon" Helm was an American musician who achieved fame as the drummer and one of the three lead vocalists for The Band, for which he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994. American musician and actor 71 8
Guru (rapper) Guru (rapper) Keith Edward Elam , better known by his stage name Guru , was an American rapper and record producer. American rapper 48 10
Norris McWhirter Norris McWhirter Norris Dewar McWhirter CBE was a British writer, political activist, co-founder of The Freedom Association, and a television presenter. Guinness Book of Records 78 16
Iqbal Masih Child labourer Child labourer 12 25
Oleksandr Udovychenko Oleksandr Udovychenko Oleksandr Ivanovych Udovychenko was a general of the Army of the Ukrainian National Republic and a military administrator. Ukrainian general 88 45
Charles Delestraint Charles Delestraint Charles Delestraint was a French Army lieutenant general and member of the French Resistance during World War II. French general 66 75
George Scharf George Scharf Sir George Scharf KCB was a British art critic, illustrator, and director of the National Portrait Gallery. British artist 74 125
Esprit Antoine Blanchard Esprit Antoine Blanchard Esprit-Joseph-Antoine Blanchard was a French baroque composer, a contemporary of Jean-Philippe Rameau, and regarded as a representative composer of religious music in eighteenth-century France. French baroque composer 74 250