Died on this Day

Anniversary Date: 16-May

Died on This Day (16-May)

Person Person Description Age Anniv
Bob Hawke Bob Hawke Robert James Lee Hawke AC, GCL was an Australian politician who served as the 23rd prime minister of Australia from 1983 to 1991, holding office as the leader of the Australian Labor Party . Prime Minister of Australia 89 1
David Rendel David Rendel David Digby Rendel was a British politician for the Liberal Democrats. British politician 67 4
Paul Shane Paul Shane Paul Shane was a British actor and comedian. He was known for his television work, in particular playing Ted Bovis in Hi-de-Hi!, a 1980s BBC sitcom. English actor and comedian 72 7
M-Bone M-Bone Cali Swag District was an American hip hop group from Inglewood, California, founded by former Death Row Records artist Big Wy and Dairold Potts. Rapper 22 9
Andrew Goodpaster Andrew Goodpaster Andrew Jackson Goodpaster was an American Army General. United States Army general 90 15
William Charles Anderson William Charles Anderson William Charles Anderson was the author of more than twenty novels, historical and true life stories, and author or coauthor of several screenplays for film and television, including the adaptation of his own Bat*21, which was adapted into a film, starring Gene Hackman and Danny Glover, and Hurricane Hunters, was made into the television film Hurricane, an ABC Movie of the Week starring Martin Milner. American author 83 17
Franz Staudegger Franz Staudegger The Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross and its variants were the highest awards in the military and paramilitary forces of Nazi Germany during World War II. SS Officer 74 25
Margaret Hamilton Margaret Hamilton Margaret Brainard Hamilton was an American actress. American film actress 82 35
Clifford R. Hope Clifford R. Hope Clifford Ragsdale Hope was a U.S. Representative from Kansas, and a member of the Republican Party. American politician 76 50
Levi P. Morton Levi P. Morton Levi Parsons Morton was the 22nd vice president of the United States from 1889 to 1893. American politician 96 100
Person Person Description Age Anniv
Joseph Campanella Joseph Campanella Joseph Anthony Campanella was an American character actor. American character actor 93 2
Adrian Robinson Adrian Lynn Robinson, Jr. was an American football linebacker. American football linebacker 25 5
Ernie Chan Ernie Chan Ernesto Chan , born and sometimes credited as Ernie Chua, was a [-Filipino]-American comics artist, known for work published by Marvel Comics and DC Comics, including many Marvel issues of series featuring Conan the Barbarian. Chinese-American comics artist 71 8
Ronnie James Dio Ronnie James Dio Ronald James Padavona , known professionally as Ronnie James Dio, was an American heavy metal singer. American heavy metal singer 67 10
Marika Rökk Marika Rökk Marika Rökk was a German-Austrian dancer, singer and actress of Hungarian descent who gained prominence in German films in the Nazi era. Actress, singer, dancer 90 16
Andrzej Szczypiorski Andrzej Szczypiorski Andrzej Szczypiorski was a Polish novelist and politician. Polish writer 76 20
Sammy Davis Jr. Sammy Davis Jr. Samuel George Davis Jr. was an American singer, dancer, actor, comedian, film producer and television director. American entertainer 64 30
Marin Preda Marin Preda Marin Preda was a Romanian novelist, post-war writer and director of Cartea Românească publishing house. Romanian writer 57 40
G. Campbell Morgan G. Campbell Morgan Reverend Doctor George Campbell Morgan D.D. was a British evangelist, preacher, a leading Bible teacher, and a prolific author. British evangelist 81 75
John J. Almy John J. Almy John Jay Almy was a U.S. Navy Rear-Admiral, who held the record for the longest period of seagoing service . U.S. Naval officer 80 125