Died on this Day

Anniversary Date: 12-Jul

Died on This Day (12-Jul)

Person Person Description Age Anniv
Emily Hartridge Emily Hartridge , also known as Emily Hart, was an English YouTuber and television presenter. English YouTuber and television presenter 35 1
Chuck Blazer Chuck Blazer Charles Gordon Blazer was an American soccer administrator, who held a number of high level positions before becoming a government informant on widespread corruption within organized soccer. American soccer administrator 72 3
Alimuddin (cricketer) Alimuddin (cricketer) Alim-ud-Din was a Pakistani cricketer who played 25 Tests for Pakistan between 1954 and 1962. Pakistani cricketer 81 8
Harvey Pekar Harvey Pekar Harvey Lawrence Pekar was an American underground comic book writer, music critic, and media personality, best known for his autobiographical American Splendor comic series. American underground comic book writer 70 10
Benny Carter Benny Carter Bennett Lester Carter was an American jazz saxophonist, clarinetist, trumpeter, composer, arranger, and bandleader. Jazz saxophonist 95 17
Charles Merritt Charles Merritt Charles Cecil Ingersoll Merritt VC, ED was a Canadian recipient of the Victoria Cross and Member of Parliament. Canadian politician 91 20
Grady Louis McMurtry Grady Louis McMurtry Grady Louis McMurtry was a student of author and occultist Aleister Crowley and an adherent of Thelema. United States Army officer 66 35
Anne Spencer Anne Spencer Anne Bethel Spencer was an American poet, teacher, civil rights activist, librarian, and gardener. American poet, teacher, civil rights activist 93 45
Harold Baker Harold Baker Harold Trevor Baker PC was a British scholar and Liberal politician. British politician 83 60
Wolfram Freiherr von Richthofen Wolfram Freiherr von Richthofen Wolfram Karl Ludwig Moritz Hermann Freiherr von Richthofen was a German World War I flying ace who rose to the rank of Generalfeldmarschall in the Luftwaffe during World War II. German flying ace 49 75
Person Person Description Age Anniv
Abbas Amir-Entezam Abbas Amir-Entezam Abbas Amir-Entezam was an Iranian politician who served as deputy prime minister in the Interim Cabinet of Mehdi Bazargan in 1979. Deputy Prime Minister of Iran 85 2
Alan Whicker Alan Whicker Alan Donald Whicker CBE was a British journalist and television presenter and broadcaster. British journalist and television presenter 91 7
Sherwood Schwartz Sherwood Schwartz Sherwood Charles Schwartz was an American television screenwriter and producer. TV Producer 94 9
P. K. Vasudevan Nair P. K. Vasudevan Nair Padayatt Kesavapillai Vasudevan Nair , popularly known as PKV, was the 9th Chief Minister of Kerala and a senior leader of the Communist Party of India . Indian politician 79 15
Mirvarid Dilbazi Mirvarid Dilbazi Mirvarid Dilbazi , was an Azerbaijani poet. Azerbaijani writer 88 19
Bill Burrud Bill Burrud William James Burrud was a child actor and a television host and producer best known for his travel programs. American Actor 65 30
Geert Pijnenburg Geert Pijnenburg Geert Pijnenburg , pseudonym Geert Grub was a Belgian poet, writer and Flemish activist. Belgian writer 83 40
Christfried Burmeister Christfried Burmeister Christfried Burmeister was an Estonian speed skater who competed in the 1928 Winter Olympics. Estonian speed skater 67 55
Lev Galler Lev Galler Lev Mikhailovich Galler was a Soviet military leader and admiral of Baltic German origin. Soviet military leader 66 70
John A. Dahlgren John A. Dahlgren John Adolphus Bernard Dahlgren was a United States Navy officer who founded his service's Ordnance Department and launched significant advances in gunnery. United States Navy admiral 60 150