Died on this Day

Anniversary Date: 25-Jul

Died on This Day (25-Jul)

Person Person Description Age Anniv
Beji Caid Essebsi Beji Caid Essebsi Beji Caid Essebsi was a Tunisian politician who served as the 6th president of Tunisia from 31 December 2014 until his death on 25 July 2019. President of Tunisia 92 1
Barbara Sinatra Barbara Sinatra Barbara Ann Blakeley Oliver Marx Sinatra was an American model, showgirl, socialite and the fourth wife of Frank Sinatra. Frank Sinatra wife 90 3
Kongar-ol Ondar Kongar-ol Ondar Kongar-ool Borisovich Ondar was a master Soviet and Russian Tuvan throat singer and a member of the Great Khural of Tuva. Tuvan throat singer 51 7
Jeret Peterson Jeret Peterson Jeret "Speedy" Peterson was an American World Cup aerial skier from Boise, Idaho, skiing out of Bogus Basin. Skier 29 9
Albert Mangelsdorff Albert Mangelsdorff Albert Mangelsdorff was a German jazz trombonist. Working mainly in free jazz, he was an innovator in multiphonics. German musician 76 15
Daphne Pearson Daphne Pearson Joan Daphne Mary Pearson, GC was a Women's Auxiliary Air Force officer during the Second World War and one of only thirteen women recipients of the George Cross, the highest decoration for gallantry not in the face of an enemy that can, or could, be awarded to a citizen of the United Kingdom or commonwealth. Women's Auxiliary Air Force officer 89 20
Kashim Ibrahim Kashim Ibrahim Sir Shettima Kashim Ibrahim, KCMG, CBE was a Nigerian politician who was head of the Native Administration in Borno State and was a minister for Social Services in the 1950s. Nigerian politician 80 30
Joseph-Napoléon Francoeur Joseph-Napoléon Francoeur Joseph-Napoléon Francoeur was a lawyer, judge and political figure in Quebec. Canadian politician 84 55
Ilmari Hannikainen Ilmari Hannikainen Toivo Ilmari Hannikainen was a Finnish composer and virtuoso pianist. Finnish composer 62 65
Edward Knobel Edward Knobel Edward Ball Knobel was an English businessman and amateur astronomer. English amateur astronomer 88 90
Person Person Description Age Anniv
Sergio Marchionne Sergio Marchionne Sergio Marchionne was an Italian-Canadian businessman, widely known for his turnarounds of the automakers Fiat and Chrysler, his business acumen and his outspoken and often frank approach, especially when dealing with unpalatable issues related to his companies and the automotive industry. Italian-Canadian businessman 66 2
Stepan Chubenko Stepan Chubenko Stepan Viktorovych Chubenko was a Ukrainian football player who played as a goalkeeper of Avanhard Kramartorsk. Ukrainian football player 16 6
Barry Langford Barry Langford Barry Langford was a television and music director, producer, and businessman. British television and music director 86 8
Donald C. Backer Donald C. Backer Donald C. Backer was an American astrophysicist who primarily worked in radio astronomy. American astronomer 66 10
Alexander Ratiu Alexander Ratiu Father Alexander Ratiu was a Romanian-American priest of the Romanian Greek-Catholic Church. Romanian Greek-Catholic priest 86 18
Charlie Rich Charlie Rich Charles Allan Rich was an American country music singer, songwriter, and musician. Country singer 62 25
Vladimir Vysotsky Vladimir Vysotsky Vladimir Semyonovich Vysotsky , was a Soviet singer-songwriter, poet, and actor who had an immense and enduring effect on Soviet culture. Russian actor-musician 42 40
Dennis Hoey Dennis Hoey Dennis Hoey was a British film and stage actor, best known for playing Inspector Lestrade in six films of Universal's Sherlock Holmes series. British film actor 67 60
Gleason Belzile Gleason Belzile Gleason Belzile was a Canadian politician and notary. Canadian politician 51 70