Died on this Day

Anniversary Date: 29-Jul

Died on This Day (29-Jul)

Person Person Description Age Anniv
Mona-Liisa Nousiainen Mona-Liisa Nousiainen Mona-Liisa Nousiainen was a Finnish cross-country skier who competed in the World Cup between 2002 and 2018. Finnish Olympic cross-country skier 36 1
Ken Barrie Leslie Hulme , known professionally as Ken Barrie, was an English voice actor and singer. English voice actor 83 4
Christian Benítez Christian Benítez Christian Rogelio Benítez Betancourt , also known as Chucho, was an Ecuadorian professional footballer who played as a striker. Ecuadorian footballer 27 7
J Malan Heslop J Malan Heslop J Malan Heslop was a World War II combat photographer with Arnold E. American photographer 88 9
Pat McCormick Pat McCormick was an American actor and comedy writer known for playing Big Enos Burdette in Smokey and the Bandit and its two sequels. American actor and comedy writer 78 15
Edward Gierek Edward Gierek Edward Gierek was a Polish Communist politician and de facto leader of Poland between 1970 and 1980. Polish politician 88 19
Severino Varela Severino Varela Severino Varela Puente was a Uruguayan footballer who played as a striker. Uruguayan footballer 81 25
Martha-Bryan Allen Martha-Bryan Allen Martha-Bryan Allen was an American stage actress, active during the 1920s. American stage actress 82 35
Reuben Ellis Jenkins Reuben Ellis Jenkins Reuben Ellis Jenkins was a lieutenant general in the United States Army. Recipient of the Purple Heart medal 79 45
Floriano Peixoto Floriano Peixoto Floriano Vieira Peixoto ɾɐ peˈʃotu] 30 April 1839 – 29 June 1895), born in Ipioca , nicknamed the "Iron Marshal", was a Brazilian soldier and politician, a veteran of the Paraguayan War, and the second president of Brazil. Brazilian politician 56 125
Person Person Description Age Anniv
Nikolai Volkoff Nikolai Volkoff Josip Hrvoje Peruzović , better known by his ring name Nikolai Volkoff, was a Yugoslav-American professional wrestler best known for his time in the World Wrestling Federation . American wrestler 70 2
Peter O Peter O'Sullevan Sir Peter O'Sullevan CBE was an Irish-British horse racing commentator for the BBC, and a correspondent for the Press Association, the Daily Express, and Today. Horse racing commentator 97 5
James Mellaart James Mellaart James Mellaart FBA was an English archaeologist and author who is noted for his discovery of the Neolithic settlement of Çatalhöyük in Turkey. British archaeologist 86 8
António Feio António Feio António Jorge Peres Feio was a Portuguese actor and director who was awarded the honorific degree of "Comendador da Ordem do Infante D. Portuguese actor 55 10
Abdul Rahman bin Saud Al Saud Abdul Rahman bin Saud Al Saud Abdul Rahman bin Saud Al Saud was a Saudi prince and the longtime president of the football club Al Nassr. Saudi royal 57 16
René Favaloro René Favaloro René Gerónimo Favaloro was an Argentine cardiac surgeon and educator best known for his pioneering work on coronary artery bypass surgery using the great saphenous vein. Argentine cardiac surgeon 77 20
Bruno Kreisky Bruno Kreisky Bruno Kreisky was an Austrian social democratic politician who served as Foreign Minister from 1959 to 1966 and as Chancellor from 1970 to 1983. Chancellor of Austria 79 30
Filipp Golikov Filipp Golikov Filipp Ivanovich Golikov was a Soviet military commander. Soviet general 79 40
John Barbirolli John Barbirolli Sir John Barbirolli CH was a British conductor and cellist. English conductor and cellist 70 50
James Baker Pyne James Baker Pyne James Baker Pyne was an English landscape painter who became a successful follower of Turner, after having been in his earlier years a member of the Bristol School of artists and a follower of Francis Danby. English landscape painter 69 150