Died on this Day

Anniversary Date: 14-Aug

Died on This Day (14-Aug)

Person Person Description Age Anniv
Ben Unwin Ben Denis Unwin was an Australian actor and music video director, best known for portraying Jesse McGregor on the television soap opera Home and Away from 1996 until 2000, and again from 2002 to 2005. Australian actor 41 1
Frank Broyles Frank Broyles John Franklin Broyles was an American college football player and coach, college athletics administrator, and broadcaster. American football player and coach 92 3
Jazz Summers Gordon "Jazz" Summers was a British music manager. British music manager 71 5
Phyllis Thaxter Phyllis Thaxter Phyllis St. Felix Thaxter was an American actress. American actress 92 8
Gloria Winters Gloria Winters Gloria Winters was an actress most remembered for having portrayed the well-mannered niece, Penny King, in the 1950s – 1960s American television series Sky King. American actress 78 10
Czeslaw Milosz Czeslaw Milosz Czesław Miłosz was a Polish-American poet, prose writer, translator, and diplomat. Polish poet 93 16
Lafayette Leake Lafayette Leake Lafayette Leake was an American blues and jazz pianist, organist, vocalist and composer who played for Chess Records as a session musician, and as a member of the Big Three Trio, during the formative years of Chicago blues. American musician 71 30
Dorothy Stratten Dorothy Stratten Dorothy Ruth Hoogstraten , known professionally as Dorothy Stratten, was a Canadian Playboy Playmate and actress. Actress, model 20 40
Alfred C. Smith Alfred C. Smith Alfred Charles Smith was an American lawyer and Democratic politician who served as a member of the Virginia Senate, representing the state's 3rd district. Member of the Senate of Virginia 71 75
Thomas Hovenden Thomas Hovenden Thomas Hovenden , was an Irish artist and teacher who spent much of his life in the United States. American artist 54 125
Person Person Description Age Anniv
Jill Janus Jill Janus Huntress is an American heavy metal band. It was founded in the underground music scene of Highland Park, California when lead vocalist Jill Janus moved to Los Angeles where she met an underground metal band called 'Professor' in 2009. American rock and roll singer 42 2
Fyvush Finkel Fyvush Finkel Philip "Fyvush" Finkel was an American actor known as a star of Yiddish theater and for his role as lawyer Douglas Wambaugh on the television series Picket Fences, for which he earned an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series in 1994. American actor 93 4
Allen Lanier Allen Lanier Allen Glover Lanier was an American musician who played keyboards and rhythm guitar. American musician 67 7
Shammi Kapoor Shammi Kapoor Shammi Kapoor was an Indian actor who worked in Hindi cinema. Indian actor and director 79 9
Simon Chimbetu Simon Chimbetu Simon Chimbetu was a Zimbabwean guitarist, vocalist and composer. Zimbabwean musician 49 15
Cuan McCarthy Cuan McCarthy Cuan Neil McCarthy was a South African cricketer who played in fifteen Test matches from 1948 to 1951. South African cricketer 71 20
Gale Sondergaard Gale Sondergaard Gale Sondergaard was an American actress. Sondergaard began her acting career in theater and progressed to films in 1936. American actress 86 35
Ellsworth B. Buck Ellsworth B. Buck Ellsworth Brewer Buck was a Republican member of the United States House of Representatives from New York during the 1940s. American politician 78 50
Frank Fennelly Frank Fennelly Francis John Fennelly was a 19th-century Major League Baseball shortstop. American baseball player 60 100
David Farragut David Farragut David Glasgow Farragut was a flag officer of the United States Navy during the American Civil War. United States Navy admiral 69 150