Died on this Day

Anniversary Date: 09-Sep

Died on This Day (09-Sep)

Person Person Description Age Anniv
Neiron Ball Neiron Ball was an American football linebacker for the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League . American football player 27 1
James Stacy James Stacy Maurice William Elias , known professionally as James Stacy, was an American film and television actor. American film and television actor 79 4
Renato Prada Oropeza Renato Prada Oropeza Renato Prada Oropeza was a Bolivian and Mexican scientist-literary researcher and writer, author of novels, short stories and poetry books, hermeneutics, semiotics and literary theory. Bolivian-Mexican scientist 73 9
Donald R. Keith Donald R. Keith General Donald Raymond Keith was a United States Army general. United States general 77 16
José Luis Massera José Luis Massera José Luis Massera was a Uruguayan dissident and mathematician who researched the stability of differential equations. Uruguayan mathematician 87 18
Julian Critchley Sir Julian Michael Gordon Critchley was a British journalist, author and Conservative Party politician. British MP 69 20
Samuel Doe Samuel Doe Samuel Kanyon Doe was a Liberian politician who served as the 21st president of Liberia from 1980 to 1990. President of Liberia 39 30
J. Craig Ruby J. Craig Ruby James Craig Ruby was an American college basketball player and coach. American basketball player and coach 84 40
Konon Molody Konon Molody Konon Trofimovich Molody was a Soviet intelligence officer, known in the West as Gordon Arnold Lonsdale. KGB officer 48 50
Louise Lehzen Louise Lehzen Johanna Clara Louise Lehzen , also known as Baroness Louise Lehzen, was the governess and later companion to Queen Victoria. Governess, adviser and companion to Queen Victoria 85 150
Person Person Description Age Anniv
Krystian Popiela Krystian Popiela was a Polish professional footballer who played as a striker. Polish footballer 20 2
Forrest (singer) Forrest (singer) Forrest Melvill Thomas Jr. , known professionally as Forrest, was an American singer, based in the Netherlands. Dutch-based American singer 60 7
André Pousse André Pousse André Pousse was a noted French actor and, in his youth, also a notable cyclist. French actor 85 15
Edward Teller Edward Teller Edward Teller was a Hungarian-American theoretical physicist who is known colloquially as "the father of the hydrogen bomb" , although he did not care for the title, considering it to be in poor taste. Nuclear physicist and father of the hydrogen bomb 95 17
Ahmad Shah Massoud Ahmad Shah Massoud Ahmad Shah Massoud was an Afghan politician and military commander. Afghan military leader 48 19
Jamie L. Whitten Jamie L. Whitten Jamie Lloyd Whitten was an American politician and member of the Democratic Party who represented the Deep South state of Mississippi in the United States House of Representatives from 1941 to 1995. American politician 85 25
Paul Flory Paul Flory Paul John Flory was an American chemist and Nobel laureate who was known for his work in the field of polymers, or macromolecules. American chemist 75 35
Minta Durfee Minta Durfee Araminta Estelle "Minta" Durfee was an American silent film actress from Los Angeles, California, possibly best known for her role in Mickey . American actor 85 45
Yoshitsugu Tatekawa Yoshitsugu Tatekawa Yoshitsugu Tatekawa was a lieutenant-general in the Imperial Japanese Army in World War II. Japanese general 64 75
Bernhard Siegfried Albinus Bernhard Siegfried Albinus Bernhard Siegfried Albinus was a German-born Dutch anatomist. German-born Dutch anatomist 73 250