Died on this Day

Anniversary Date: 29-Sep

Died on This Day (29-Sep)

Person Person Description Age Anniv
busbee busbee Michael James Ryan Busbee , known professionally as Busbee, was an American songwriter, record producer, publisher, record label executive, and multi-instrumentalist. American songwriter 43 1
Ludmila Belousova Ludmila Belousova Ludmila Yevgenyevna Belousova was a Soviet and Russian pair skater who represented the Soviet Union. Russian skater 81 3
Carl Joachim Classen Carl Joachim Classen Carl Joachim Classen was a German classical scholar. German classical scholar 85 7
Lojze Slak Lojze Slak Lojze Slak was a Slovenian musician. Slak was one of the pioneers of Slovene popular folk music, based on diatonic button accordion and author of several evergreen songs, performed by his . Slovenian musician 79 9
Gennadi Sarafanov Gennadi Sarafanov Gennady Vasiliyevich Sarafanov was a Soviet cosmonaut who flew on the Soyuz 15 spaceflight in 1974. Soviet cosmonaut 63 15
Andrei Folbert Andrei Folbert Andrei Folbert , nicknamed "The Hope" by his fans and officially known as "The Magician under the boards", was a professional basketball player and captain of the Romanian basketball team for 25 years. Romanian basketball player 72 17
John Carta John Carta Giovanni Carta, also known as John Carta , was an Italian American airman and parachutist, veteran of the Vietnam War. American skydiver 44 30
Áron Márton Áron Márton Áron Márton was an ethnic Hungarian Roman Catholic prelate who served as the Bishop of Alba Iulia from his appointment in late 1938 until his resignation in 1980. Roman Catholic bishop 84 40
Edward Everett Horton Edward Everett Horton Edward Everett Horton Jr. was an American character actor. American character actor 84 50
Gerry Whiting Hazelton Gerry Whiting Hazelton Gerry Whiting Hazelton was an American lawyer and Republican politician. American politician 91 100
Person Person Description Age Anniv
Otis Rush Otis Rush Otis Rush Jr. was an American blues guitarist and singer-songwriter. American blues guitarist and singer 83 2
Shirley Jaffe Shirley Jaffe Shirley Jaffe was an American abstract painter. Her early work is of the gestural abstract expressionist style, however in the late 1960s she changed to a more geometric style. American abstract painter 92 4
Malcolm Wicks Malcolm Wicks Malcolm Hunt Wicks was a British Labour Party politician and academic specialising in social policy. British politician 65 8
Tony Curtis Tony Curtis Tony Curtis was an American actor whose career spanned six decades, achieving the height of his popularity in the 1950s and early 1960s. American actor 85 10
Thure von Uexküll Thure von Uexküll Karl Kuno Thure Freiherr von Uexküll was a German scholar of psychosomatic medicine and biosemiotics. German Semiotician 96 16
Madalyn Murray O Madalyn Murray O'Hair Madalyn Murray O'Hair was an American activist supporting atheism and separation of church and state. American atheist activist 76 25
Yona Wallach Yona Wallach Yona Wallach was an Israeli poet. Her surname also appears as Volach. Israeli musician 41 35
Casey Stengel Casey Stengel Charles Dillon "Casey" Stengel was an American Major League Baseball right fielder and manager, best known as the manager of the championship New York Yankees of the 1950s and later, the expansion New York Mets. Baseball player/manager 85 45
Bertil Uggla Bertil Uggla Bertil Gustafsson Uggla was a Swedish officer, track and field athlete, modern pentathlete, and fencer. Swedish pole vaulter, modern pentathlete 55 75
George Whitefield George Whitefield George Whitefield , also known as George Whitfield, was an Anglican cleric and evangelist who was one of the founders of Methodism and the evangelical movement. English Anglican priest 55 250