Died on this Day

Anniversary Date: 02-Oct

Died on This Day (02-Oct)

Person Person Description Age Anniv
Isaac Promise Isaac Promise Isaac Promise was a Nigerian footballer. He was the captain of the football team representing Nigeria which won the silver medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Nigerian footballer 31 1
Tom Petty Tom Petty Thomas Earl Petty was an American musician who was the lead vocalist and guitarist of the rock band Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, formed in 1976. American rock musician 66 3
Brian Friel Brian Friel Brian Patrick Friel was an Irish dramatist, short story writer and founder of the Field Day Theatre Company. Irish dramatist, short story writer 86 5
Zakaria Zerouali Zakaria Zerouali Zakaria Zerouali was a Moroccan football defender. Moroccan football defender 33 9
Nipsey Russell Nipsey Russell Julius "Nipsey" Russell was an American actor, comedian, poet, and dancer best known for his appearances as a panelist on game shows from the 1960s through the 1990s, including Match Game, Password, Hollywood Squares, To Tell the Truth, and Pyramid. Comedian 87 15
Elek Schwartz Elek Schwartz Alexandru "Elek" Schwartz was a Romanian professional footballer and coach of the Netherlands national team. Footballer, football manager 91 20
Heinie Schuble Heinie Schuble Henry George "Heinie" Schuble was an American baseball infielder. American baseball player 83 30
John Kotelawala John Kotelawala General Sir John Lionel Kotelawala CH KBE KStJ PC was a Sri Lankan statesman, who served as the 3rd Prime Minister of Ceylon from 1953 to 1956. Sri Lankan politician 83 40
Curley Byrd Curley Byrd Harry Clifton "Curley" Byrd was an American university administrator, educator, athlete, coach, and politician. American baseball player and coach 81 50
Max Bruch Max Bruch Max Bruch was a German Romantic composer, violinist, teacher, and conductor who wrote more than 200 works, including three violin concertos, the first of which has become a prominent staple of the standard violin repertoire. German romantic composer and conductor 82 100
Person Person Description Age Anniv
Geoff Emerick Geoff Emerick Geoffrey Ernest Emerick was an English sound engineer and record producer who worked with the Beatles on their albums Revolver , Sgt. Beetles audio engineer 72 2
Neville Marriner Neville Marriner Sir Neville Marriner, CH, CBE was an English violinist and "one of the world's greatest conductors". Conductor 92 4
Genevieve Hughes Genevieve Hughes Houghton is known as one of three women participants in the original 13-person Congress of Racial Equality Freedom Rides. American civil rights activist 80 8
Kwa Geok Choo Kwa Geok Choo Kwa Geok Choo was a Singaporean lawyer. She was the wife of former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and the mother of current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. Singaporean First Lady 88 10
Ashraf Rashid Ashraf Rashid Major General Ashraf Rashid was a two-star general in the Pakistan Army and the colonel commandant of the Special Service Group division within the Pakistan Army from October 1995 to September 1999. Pakistani general 56 16
John Ayers John Ayers was a National Football League offensive lineman from 1977 through 1987. NFL offensive lineman 42 25
Rock Hudson Rock Hudson Rock Hudson was an American actor. One of the most popular movie stars of his time, he had a screen career spanning more than three decades. American actor 59 35
K. Kamaraj K. Kamaraj Kumaraswami Kamaraj , popularly known as Kamarajar was an Indian independence activist and politician who served as the Chief Minister of Madras State from 13 April 1954 to 2 October 1963. Indian politician 72 45
Charles Hammett Charles Hammett Charles Edward Hammett Sr. was an American football and basketball coach and college athletics administrator. American football and basketball coach 80 75
Orlando Metcalfe Poe Orlando Metcalfe Poe Orlando Metcalfe Poe was a United States Army officer and engineer in the American Civil War. Union Army general 63 125