Died on this Day

Anniversary Date: 31-Oct

Died on This Day (31-Oct)

Person Person Description Age Anniv
Tarania Clarke Tarania Caresh Clarke was a Jamaican footballer who played as a midfielder for Waterhouse F. Jamaican footballer 20 1
Huo Xuan Huo Xuan was a Chinese female volleyball player. She was part of the China women's national volleyball team, including at the 2009 FIVB World Grand Prix. Chinese female volleyball player 28 4
Andres Narvasa Andres Narvasa Andres dela Rosa Narvasa was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines from December 1, 1991, to November 30, 1998. Filipino judge 84 7
Theodore Sorensen Theodore Sorensen Theodore Chaikin Sorensen was an American lawyer, writer, and presidential adviser. Presidential advisor 82 10
Roland Gibbs Roland Gibbs Field Marshal Sir Roland Christopher Gibbs, GCB, CBE, DSO, MC, KStJ, DL was Chief of the General Staff, the professional head of the British Army, from 1976 to 1979, and Lord Lieutenant of Wiltshire from 1989 to 1996. Army officer 83 16
Kaj Aage Gunnar Strand Kaj Aage Gunnar Strand Kaj Aage Gunnar Strand was a Danish astronomer who worked in Denmark and the United States. Danish-American astronomer 93 20
Carl Belew Carl Belew Carl Robert Belew was an American country music singer and songwriter. American country music singer and songwriter 59 30
Elizebeth Friedman Elizebeth Friedman Elizebeth Smith Friedman was an American cryptanalyst and author who deciphered enemy codes in both World Wars and helped to solve international smuggling cases during Prohibition. American cryptanalyst and author 88 40
Ignacio Zuloaga Ignacio Zuloaga Ignacio Zuloaga y Zabaleta was a Spanish painter, born in Eibar , near the monastery of Loyola. Spanish painter 75 75
Viktor Lennstrand Viktor Lennstrand Viktor Emanuel Lennstrand was a Swedish Freethought activist and writer. Swedish Freethought activist and writer 34 125
Person Person Description Age Anniv
Tony Streather Tony Streather Lieutenant-Colonel Harry Reginald Antony Streather OBE was a British Army officer who served in the Gloucestershire Regiment, and mountaineer who first-ascended the third-highest mountain in the world, on the 1955 British Kangchenjunga expedition, and Tirich Mir. British army office and mountaineer 92 2
Brad Halsey Brad Halsey Bradford Alexander Halsey was an American professional baseball pitcher. American baseball pitcher 33 6
Frederick C. Blesse Frederick C. Blesse Frederick Corbin "Boots" Blesse was a United States Air Force major general and flying ace. Recipient of the Purple Heart medal 91 8
Amrita Pritam Amrita Pritam Amrita Pritam was an Indian novelist, essayist and poet, who wrote in Punjabi and Hindi. Novelist, poet, essayist 86 15
Richard Neustadt Richard Neustadt Richard Elliott Neustadt was an American political scientist specializing in the United States presidency. American political scientist 84 17
Rosalind Cash Rosalind Cash Rosalind Theresa Cash was an American actress. Her best-known film role is in the 1971 science-fiction film The Omega Man. Singer/Actor 56 25
John H. Michaelis John H. Michaelis John Hersey Michaelis was a United States Army four-star general who served as Commander in Chief, United Nations Command/Commander, United States Forces Korea/Commanding General, Eighth United States Army from 1969 to 1972. United States general 73 35
Gabino Coria Peñaloza Gabino Coria Peñaloza Gabino Coria Peñaloza was an Argentine poet and lyricist. Argentine writer 94 45
Evander M. Law Evander M. Law Evander McIver Law was an author, teacher, and a Confederate general in the American Civil War. Confederate Army general 84 100
Mihaly Mosonyi Mihaly Mosonyi Mihály Mosonyi was a Hungarian composer. Born Michael Brand, he changed his name to Mosonyi in honor of the district of Moson , with Mihály being the Hungarian equivalent of "Michael". Hungarian composer 56 150