Died on this Day

Anniversary Date: 15-Nov

Died on This Day (15-Nov)

Person Person Description Age Anniv
Irv Noren Irv Noren Irving Arnold Noren was an American professional baseball and basketball player. American baseball player 94 1
Keith Barron Keith Barron Keith Barron was an English actor and television presenter who appeared in films and on television from 1961 until 2017. English actor and television presenter 83 3
Saeed Jaffrey Saeed Jaffrey Saeed Jaffrey OBE was a British-Indian actor. His career covered film, radio, stage and television roles over six decades and more than 150 British, American, and Indian movies. Indian-born British actor 86 5
K. C. Pant K. C. Pant Krishna Chandra Pant was an Indian Member of Parliament for 26 years and was the prime minister's interlocutor on Kashmir. Indian politician 81 8
Adrian Rogers Adrian Rogers Adrian Pierce Rogers was an American Southern Baptist pastor and conservative author. American television evangelist 74 15
Dorothy Loudon Dorothy Loudon Dorothy Loudon was an American actress and singer. Actor/singer 78 17
Rinaldo Martino Rinaldo Martino Rinaldo Fioramonte Martino was an Italian Argentine forward who played for both the Argentine and the Italy national football teams. Argentine footballer 79 20
Richard Law Richard Law Richard Kidston Law, 1st Baron Coleraine, PC was a British Conservative politician. British politician 79 40
Ray Gordinier Ray Gordinier Raymond Cornelius Gordinier was a pitcher in Major League Baseball. American baseball player 68 60
Carl Lebrecht Udo Dammer Carl Lebrecht Udo Dammer Carl Lebrecht Udo Dammer was a German botanist. Dammer was also interested in entomology. Botanist 60 100
Person Person Description Age Anniv
Zhores Medvedev Zhores Medvedev Zhores Aleksandrovich Medvedev was a Russian agronomist, biologist, historian and dissident. Russian agronomist 93 2
Mose Allison Mose Allison Mose John Allison Jr. was an American jazz and blues pianist, singer, and songwriter. American jazz and blues pianist 89 4
Glafcos Clerides Glafcos Clerides Glafcos Ioannou Clerides was a Cypriot politician and barrister who served as the fourth president of Cyprus from 1993 to 2003. Cypriot politician 94 7
William Arveson William Arveson William B. Arveson was a mathematician specializing in operator algebras who worked as a professor of Mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley. American mathematician 76 9
Colin Coulthard Colin Coulthard Air Vice-Marshal Colin Weall Coulthard, CB, AFC and Bar was an officer in the Royal Air Force. Fighter pilot 83 16
Myra Hindley Myra Hindley The Moors murders were carried out by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley between July 1963 and October 1965, in and around Manchester, England. British murderer 60 18
Riggs Stephenson Riggs Stephenson Jackson Riggs "Warhorse" Stephenson was an American left fielder in Major League Baseball. American baseball player 87 35
Teruhisa Komatsu Teruhisa Komatsu Marquis Teruhisa Komatsu was an admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy in World War II. Japanese admiral 81 50
Frank Chapman Frank Chapman Frank Michler Chapman was an American ornithologist and pioneering writer of field guides. American ornithologist 81 75
Eben Dyer Jordan Eben Dyer Jordan Eben Dyer Jordan Sr. was an American business executive, best remembered as the co-founder of the department store chain Jordan, Marsh & Co. Businessman 73 125