Died on this Day

Anniversary Date: 27-Nov

Died on This Day (27-Nov)

Person Person Description Age Anniv
Jonathan Miller Jonathan Miller Sir Jonathan Wolfe Miller CBE was an English theatre and opera director, actor, author, television presenter, humourist and physician. English theatre & opera director 85 1
Bernard Gallagher Bernard Gallagher Bernard Gallagher was an English actor known for his stage work, including with the National Theatre and the Royal Court; and his many appearances in television soap operas and dramas. English actor 87 4
Lewis Collins Lewis Collins Lewis Collins was an English actor, best known for his career-defining role playing 'Bodie' in the late 1970s – early 1980s British television series The Professionals. English film and theatre actor 67 7
Gary Speed Gary Speed Gary Andrew Speed MBE was a Welsh professional footballer and manager. Football Player/Manager 42 9
Franz Schönhuber Franz Schönhuber Franz Xaver Schönhuber was a German right-wing extremist journalist, politician, and author. German politiican 82 15
F. Burrall Hoffman F. Burrall Hoffman Francis Burrall Hoffman was an American-born architect, best known for his work with James Deering’s Villa Vizcaya in Miami, Florida. American architect 98 40
Helene Madison Helene Madison Helene Emma Madison was an American competition swimmer, Olympic champion, and former world record-holder. American swimmer, Olympic gold medalist 57 50
Alexius Meinong Alexius Meinong Alexius Meinong Ritter von Handschuchsheim was an Austrian philosopher, a realist known for his unique ontology. Austrian philosopher 67 100
William Hale William Hale William Hale Hale was an English churchman and author, Archdeacon of London in the Church of England, and Master of Charterhouse. English churchman and author 75 150
Francis, Duke of Pomerania Francis, Duke of Pomerania Francis of Pomerania ) was Duke of Pomerania-Stettin and Bishop of Cammin. Duke of Pomerania-Stettin, Bishop of Cammin 43 400
Person Person Description Age Anniv
Sultan Al-Bargan Sultan Al-Bargan was a Saudi Arabian football player. Saudi Arabian football player 35 2
Phillip Hughes Phillip Hughes Phillip Joel Hughes was an Australian Test and One Day International cricketer who played domestic cricket for South Australia and Worcestershire. Australian cricketer 25 6
Ab Fafié Ab Fafié Ab Fafié was a Dutch professional football player and manager. Dutch footballer and manager 71 8
Irvin Kershner Irvin Kershner Irvin Kershner was an American film director, actor, and producer of film and television. Film director 87 10
David White David White David White was an American stage, film, and television actor best known for playing Darrin Stephens' boss Larry Tate from 1964 to 1972 on the ABC situation comedy Bewitched. American stage, film and television actor 74 30
Ross McWhirter Ross McWhirter Alan Ross McWhirter was, with his twin brother, Norris, the cofounder of the 1955 Guinness Book of Records and a contributor to the television programme Record Breakers. IRA victim 50 45
Josep Maria Sert Josep Maria Sert Josep Maria Sert i Badia was a Spanish muralist, the son of an affluent textile industry family, and friend of Salvador Dalí. Spanish artist 70 75
Alexandre Dumas Alexandre Dumas Alexandre Dumas fils was a French author and playwright, best known for the romantic novel La Dame aux Camélias , published in 1848, which was adapted into Giuseppe Verdi's 1853 opera La traviata , as well as numerous stage and film productions, usually titled Camille in English-language versions. French novelist (son of famous) 71 125
Diego de Salinas Diego de Salinas Don Diego Esteban Gómez de Salinas y Rodríguez de Villarroel was the last Spanish Governor of Gibraltar. Governor of Gibraltar 71 300
Jacopo Sansovino Jacopo Sansovino Jacopo d'Antonio Sansovino was an Italian Renaissance sculptor and architect, best known for his works around the Piazza San Marco in Venice. Italian artist 84 450