Died on this Day

Anniversary Date: 15-Dec

Died on This Day (15-Dec)

Person Person Description Age Anniv
Chuck Peddle Chuck Peddle Charles Ingerham Peddle was an American electrical engineer best known as the main designer of the MOS Technology 6502 microprocessor, the KIM-1 single-board computer, and its successor, the Commodore PET personal computer, both based on the 6502. American electrical engineer 82 1
Craig Sager Craig Sager Craig Graham Sager was an American sports reporter who covered an array of sports for CNN and its sister stations TBS and TNT, from 1981 until the year he died. American sports reporter 65 4
C. Louis Kincannon C. Louis Kincannon Charles Louis Kincannon was an American statistician who served as the Director of the United States Census Bureau from 2002 to 2008. American politician 72 8
Blake Edwards Blake Edwards Blake Edwards was an American film director, producer, screenwriter and actor. American film director 88 10
David S. Lewis David S. Lewis David Sloan Lewis, Jr. was an aeronautical engineer who led aerospace and defense giant General Dynamics for 14 years. American aeronautical engineer 86 17
Rufus Thomas Rufus Thomas Rufus C. Thomas, Jr. was an American rhythm-and-blues, funk, soul and blues singer, songwriter, dancer, DJ and comic entertainer from Memphis, Tennessee. R&B Musician 84 19
Bill Otis Bill Otis Paul Franklin "Bill" Otis was a Major League Baseball player. American baseball player 100 30
James L. Tuck James L. Tuck James Leslie Tuck OBE, was a British physicist. He was born in Manchester, England, and educated at the Victoria University of Manchester. British physicist 70 40
David Tidhar David Tidhar David Tidhar was a Jewish-Israeli police officer, private detective and author. Israeli writer 73 50
Tobias Matthay Tobias Matthay Tobias Augustus Matthay was an English pianist, teacher, and composer. British musician 87 75
Person Person Description Age Anniv
Heinz Wolff Heinz Wolff Heinz Siegfried Wolff, FIEE, FRSA was a German-born British scientist as well as a television and radio presenter. German-born British popular scientist 89 3
Joan Fontaine Joan Fontaine Joan de Beauvoir de Havilland , known professionally as Joan Fontaine, was a British-American actress who is best known for her starring roles in Hollywood films during the "Golden Age". British-American actress 96 7
Carmen Rupe Carmen Rupe Carmen Rupe , was a New Zealand drag performer, brothel keeper, anti-discrimination activist, would-be politician and HIV/AIDS activist. New Zealand activist 75 9
William Proxmire William Proxmire Edward William Proxmire was an American politician. American politician 90 15
Dick Stuart Dick Stuart Richard Lee Stuart , nicknamed "Dr. Strangeglove", was an American professional baseball player. American baseball player 70 18
Jacques Goddet Jacques Goddet Jacques Goddet was a French sports journalist and director of the Tour de France road cycling race from 1936 to 1986. French sports journalist 95 20
Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam GCMG LRCP MRCS was a Mauritian physician, politician, and statesman. Prime Minister of Mauritius 85 35
Shigeyoshi Inoue Shigeyoshi Inoue Shigeyoshi Inoue was an admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II. Japanese admiral 86 45
Albert Dorne Albert Dorne Albert Dorne was an American illustrator and entrepreneur, and was co-founder of correspondence schools for aspiring artists, photographers, and writers. American artist 59 55
Frederick III of Legnica Frederick III of Legnica Frederick III, Duke of Legnica was a Duke of Legnica during 1547–1551 and 1556–1559 . Duke of Legnica 50 450