Died on this Day

Anniversary Date: 25-Dec

Died on This Day (25-Dec)

Person Person Description Age Anniv
Peter Schreier Peter Schreier Peter Schreier was a German tenor in opera, concert and lied, and a conductor. German tenor 84 1
George Michael George Michael George Michael was an English singer, songwriter, and record producer. English singer, songwriter, and record producer 53 4
Augusto Bracca Augusto Bracca Augusto Bracca was a Venezuelan folk composer. Venezuelan folk musician 94 8
Bud Greenspan Bud Greenspan Jonah J. "Bud" Greenspan was an American film director, writer, and producer known for his sports documentaries. American film director 84 10
Gennadi Strekalov Gennadi Strekalov Gennady Mikhailovich Strekalov was an engineer, cosmonaut, and administrator at Russian aerospace firm RSC Energia. Russian cosmonaut 64 16
Joe Gilliam Joseph Wiley Gilliam, Jr. was a professional football player, a quarterback with the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League for four seasons. American Footballer 49 20
Portland Hoffa Portland Hoffa Portland Hoffa was an American comedian, radio host, actress, and dancer. American actor 85 30
Arthur Francis Buddington Arthur Francis Buddington Arthur Francis "Bud" Buddington was an American geologist. American geologist 90 40
Duy Tân Duy Tân Emperor Duy Tân , born Nguyễn Phúc Vĩnh San, was the 11th Emperor of the Nguyễn dynasty in Vietnam, who reigned for 9 years between 1907 and 1916. Emperor of Vietnam 46 75
Raul Pompeia Raul Pompeia Raul d'Ávila Pompeia was a Brazilian novelist, short story writer and chronicler. Brazilian writer 32 125
Person Person Description Age Anniv
Sigi Schmid Sigi Schmid Siegfried "Sigi" Schmid was a German-American soccer coach who had the most wins in the history of Major League Soccer . German-American soccer coach 65 2
Adnan Şenses Adnan Şenses Adnan Şenses was a Turkish musician and actor. Turkish actor 78 7
Andrew Geller Andrew Geller Andrew Michael Geller was an American architect, painter, and graphic designer. American architect 87 9
Birgit Nilsson Birgit Nilsson Märta Birgit Nilsson was a celebrated Swedish dramatic soprano. Opera singer 87 15
Nicholas Mavroules Nicholas Mavroules Nicholas James Mavroules was an American Democratic Party politician from Massachusetts. American politician 74 17
Dean Martin Dean Martin Dean Martin was an American singer, actor and comedian. Singer, actor, comedian 78 25
Dave Zinkoff Dave Zinkoff Dave Zinkoff was a sports public address announcer. American sports announcer 75 35
Ludovico Bidoglio Ludovico Bidoglio Ludovico Bidoglio, sometimes nicknamed Vico was an Argentine football player, and one of Boca Juniors' idols during the 1920s. Argentine footballer 70 50
John L. Bretz John L. Bretz John Lewis Bretz was an American lawyer and politician who served two terms as a U. American politician 68 100
Joseph Fouché Joseph Fouché Joseph Fouché, 1st Duc d'Otrante, 1st Comte Fouché was a French statesman, revolutionary, and Minister of Police under First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte, who later became a subordinate of Emperor Napoleon. French statesman 61 200