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Enver Hoxha

Died when: 76 years 177 days
Star Sign: Libra


Enver Hoxha Enver Hoxha ( HOJ-ə, Albanian: [ɛnˈvɛɾ ˈhɔdʒa] (); 16 October 1908 – 11 April 1985) was an Albanian communist politician who served as the Prime Minister of Albania, as the First Secretary of the Party of Labour of Albania, from 1944 until his death in 1985. He was chairman of the Democratic Front of Albania, commander-in-chief of the armed forces from 1944 until his death. He served as the 22nd Prime Minister of Albania from 1944 to 1954 and at various times served as foreign minister and defence minister as well. Born in Gjirokastër in 1908, Hoxha became a teacher in grammar school in 1936. Following Italy's invasion of Albania, he joined the Party of Labour of Albania at its creation in 1941. Hoxha was elected First Secretary in March 1943 at the age of 34. Less than two years after the liberation of the country, the monarchy was abolished, King Zog was deposed, and Hoxha rose to power as the symbolic head of state of Albania. 40 Years of Socialist Albania, an Albanian publication from 1984, describes how during his four-decade rule, he focused on rebuilding the country, which was left in ruins after WWII, building Albania's first railway line, raising the adult literacy rate from 5% to 98%, eliminating epidemics, electrifying the country and leading Albania towards becoming agriculturally self-sufficient. Detractors criticize him for a series of political repressions which included the establishment and use of forced labor camps, extrajudicial killings and executions that targeted and eliminated dissidents, a large number of which were carried out by the Sigurimi secret police. Hoxha's government was characterized by his proclaimed firm adherence to anti-revisionist Marxism–Leninism from the mid-1970s onwards. After his break with Maoism in the 1976–1978 period, numerous Maoist parties around the world declared themselves Hoxhaist. The International Conference of Marxist–Leninist Parties and Organizations (Unity & Struggle) is the best-known association of these parties today.
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