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Ernst Põdder


Died when: 53 years 135 days (640 months)
Star Sign: Aquarius


Ernst Põdder Ernst Põdder VR I/1 (February 10, 1879 Aleksandri Parish, Võrumaa, Estonia – June 24, 1932 Tallinn, Estonia) was a famous Estonian military commander in the Estonian War of Independence.In 1900 Põdder graduated from the Vilnius Military Academy. In the Russo-Japanese war he achieved the rank of Lieutenant, and in World War I became Polkovnik (Colonel). In July 1917 he joined the Estonian national units as commander of the 3rd and 1st Estonian regiments. In 1918 Põdder was promoted to the rank of Major General. During the German occupation of 1918 he was one of the main founders of the underground Defence League. At the beginning of the Estonian Liberation War, Põdder was Chief of Internal Security. On April 4, 1919 he became Commander of the 3rd Division, where his main achievement was victory over the Baltische Landeswehr.After the war Põdder commanded the 3rd Division and, after 1921, the 2nd Division. He actively participated in defeating the 1924 coup attempt. In 1926 he became a permanent member of the war council, as well as an active organizer of scouting. Ernst Põdder was the only honorary member of the League of Liberators. Põdder is recipient of the Latvian military Order of Lāčplēsis, 2nd class.
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