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Ferenc Hüll

Slovene Roman Catholic priest

Died when: 80 years 61 days (962 months)
Star Sign: Virgo


Ferenc Hüll

Ferenc Hüll (Slovene: Franc Hül, Prekmurje Slovene: Ferenc Hül) (August 28, 1800 – October 28, 1880) was a Slovene Roman Catholic priest, dean of the Slovene March (Tótság), and a writer in Hungary.

Hüll was born in Tišina (now Prekmurje, Slovenia).His parents were Imre Hüll and the ethnic German Krisztina Hemeczperger.

By 1822 he was a priest, and he lived in Veszprém for two years.Between 1824 and 1826 he was a curate in Murska Sobota, and he later became the priest of the town.

By 1840 he was the dean of the Slovene March.In 1872, by favour of Franz Joseph I of Austria, he became the provost of Szepes-Langeck.

Hüll wrote in Latin about the history of the Parish of Murska Sobota.He died in Murska Sobota.

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