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Louis Dupré

French painter

Died when: 48 years 276 days (585 months)
Star Sign: Capricorn


Louis Dupré

Louis Dupré (Versailles 9 January 1789 – 12 October 1837 Paris) was a French painter, especially noted for his travels in Greece and other regions within the Ottoman Empire and of his numerous paintings with Orientalist and Philhellene themes.

Louis Dupré had been a student of Jacques-Louis David, and had later become a painter for Jérôme Bonaparte, receiving commissions from the court.

Dupré had studied in Italy and had also received commissions during his travels there.He travelled to Greece, during a time when the region's ancient ideals and Hellenistic culture had experienced a revival.

It also represented a concerning time for the Ottoman Empire, in terms of keeping their territorial regions under control.His visit to Greece was on the very eve of the Greek War of Independence.

He often traveled and changed his work location, including Paris, Kassel (1811–1814), Naples (1814–1816), Rome (1816–1819, 1824–1831), Naples (1819–1820),Istanbul (c. 1820), Greece (c. 1820), Paris (1820–1837), and Vienna (1820–1824).

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