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Howard Yerges

College football player

Died when: 75 years 240 days (907 months)
Star Sign: Aries


Howard Yerges

Howard Frederick Yerges, Jr. (April 5, 1925 - December 1, 2000) was an American football player who played quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes football team in 1943 and the University of Michigan Wolverines football teams from 1944 to 1947.

He was the starting quarterback of the 1947 Michigan Wolverines football team that went undefeated, beat USC 49-0 in the Rose Bowl and is considered by some to be the greatest Michigan football team of all time.

As of 2009, Yerges was one of three players (along with Justin Boren and J.T.White) to play on both sides of the Michigan – Ohio State football rivalry.

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