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Rezső Bálint

Austro-Hungarian neurologist and psychiatrist

Died when: 54 years 213 days (655 months)
Star Sign: Scorpio


Rezső Bálint

Rezso Bálint (October 22, 1874 – May 23, 1929) was a Jewish-Hungarian neurologist and psychiatrist.He discovered Bálint's syndrome.He was born into a German-Jewish family that had settled in Budapest.

Rezso Balint’s first writings, published while he was still a medical student, were case studies examining muscular atrophy in hemiplegia.

He went on to study tabes dorsalis and the treatment of epilepsy.In 1907, Dr.Balint recorded his observations of a patient who suffered from a unique constellation of neurologic symptoms including fixation of gaze, neglect of objects in his periphery, and misreaching for target objects.

The patient was noted to first experience these symptoms following damage to the posterior parietal lobes.This “triple-syndrome complex” was later named “Balint’s Syndrome.” Bálint studied medicine in Budapest, graduating in 1897.

He habilitated in 1910, became extraordinary professor in 1914 and full professor in 1917.He died of thyroid cancer in 1929.

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