Died on this Day

Anniversary Date: 27-Jan

Died on This Day (27-Jan)

Person Person Description Age Anniv
Maya von Schönburg Countess Maria Felicitas von Schönburg-Glauchau , also known as Maya von Schönburg, was a German socialite. German socialite 60 1
Brunhilde Pomsel Brunhilde Pomsel Brunhilde Pomsel was a personal secretary to Joseph Goebbels, the Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany. Personal secretary to Joseph Goebbels 106 3
Charles H. Townes Charles H. Townes Charles Hard Townes was an American physicist. Townes worked on the theory and application of the maser, for which he obtained the fundamental patent, and other work in quantum electronics associated with both maser and laser devices. American physicist 99 5
Phạm Duy Phạm Duy Phạm Duy was one of Vietnam's most prolific songwriters with a musical career that spanned more than seven decades through some of the most turbulent periods of Vietnamese history and with more than one thousand songs to his credit, he is widely considered one of the three most salient and influential figures of modern Vietnamese music, along with Văn Cao and Trịnh Công Sơn. Prolific Vietnamese songwriter 91 7
J. D. Salinger J. D. Salinger Jerome David Salinger was an American author best known for his 1951 novel The Catcher in the Rye. American fiction writer 91 10
Jack Paar Jack Paar Jack Harold Paar was an American talk show host, author, radio and television comedian, and film actor. Television host 85 16
Pedro Carrasco Pedro Carrasco Pedro Juan Carrasco García was a Spanish boxer whose fame transcended the boxing ring. Spanish boxer 57 19
Helen Jerome Eddy Helen Jerome Eddy Helen Jerome Eddy was a motion picture actress from New York City. American actor 92 30
Julia Sanderson Julia Sanderson Julia Sanderson was a Broadway actress and singer. Broadway actress and singer 87 45
Freeborn Garretson Hibbard Freeborn Garretson Hibbard Reverend Freeborn Garrettson Hibbard was an American Methodist minister, theologian, and author. American Methodist minister 83 125
Person Person Description Age Anniv
Ingvar Kamprad Ingvar Kamprad Feodor Ingvar Kamprad was a Swedish billionaire business magnate best known for founding IKEA, a multinational retail company specialising in furniture. IKEA founder 91 2
Peter Baker Peter Baker Peter Baker was an English footballer. Educated at Southgate County School in North London, he played right-back for Tottenham Hotspur and was part of the double-winning side of 1960-61 and won the FA Cup with Spurs in 1962. English footballer 84 4
Pete Seeger Pete Seeger Peter Seeger was an American folk singer and social activist. American folk singer 94 6
Charlie Callas Charlie Callas Charlie Callas was an American actor and comedian. Actor/comedian 83 9
Aurélie Nemours Aurélie Nemours Aurélie Nemours was a French painter who made abstract geometrical paintings and was highly influenced by De Stijl, or neoplasticism. French painter 94 15
Henryk Jabłoński Henryk Jabłoński Henryk Jan Jabłoński was a Polish historian and politician. Polish politician 93 17
Raphael M. Robinson Raphael M. Robinson Raphael Mitchel Robinson was an American mathematician. American mathematician 83 25
Peppino De Filippo Peppino De Filippo Peppino De Filippo was an Italian actor. De Filippo was born in Naples, brother of actor and dramatist Eduardo De Filippo and of Titina De Filippo. Italian actor 76 40
Erich Heckel Erich Heckel Erich Heckel was a German painter and printmaker, and a founding member of the group Die Brücke which existed 1905–1913. German artist 86 50
Johann Karl Philipp von Cobenzl Johann Karl Philipp von Cobenzl Johann Karl Philipp, Graf von Cobenzl – 27 January 1770 in Brussels) was an 18th-century politician in the Habsburg monarchy. Habsburg politician 57 250