Died on this Day

Anniversary Date: 11-Jul

Died on This Day (11-Jul)

Person Person Description Age Anniv
Brendan Grace Brendan Grace Brendan Grace was an Irish comedian and singer. He was best known for his comedy schoolboy character 'Bottler', the 1995 film Moondance, and his 1996 appearance in the Irish TV sitcom Father Ted as Father Fintan Stack. Irish comedian and singer 68 1
John Brademas John Brademas Stephen John Brademas Jr. was an American politician and educator originally from Indiana. American politician and educator 89 4
Egbert Brieskorn Egbert Brieskorn Egbert Valentin Brieskorn was a German mathematician who introduced Brieskorn spheres and the Brieskorn–Grothendieck resolution. German mathematician 77 7
Helen Crummy Helen Crummy Helen Crummy MBE was a founder of The Craigmillar Festival Society, and served as the Organising Secretary for the group until 1985. Social Activist 91 9
Frances Langford Frances Langford Julia Frances Newbern-Langford was an American singer and actress who was popular during the Golden Age of Radio and made film and television appearances for over two decades. American singer and actress 91 15
Mickey Deans Mickey Deans Michael DeVinko, Jr. , known as Mickey Deans, was an American musician and entrepreneur, and the fifth husband and widower of actress and singer Judy Garland. Husband of Judy Garland 68 17
Herman Brood Herman Brood Hermanus "Herman" Brood was a Dutch musician, painter, actor and poet. Dutch musician, painter, actor and poet 54 19
Aino Taube Aino Taube Aino Regina Taube was a Swedish film and theatre actress. Swedish film and theatre actress 78 30
André Lurçat André Lurçat André Lurçat was a French modernist architect, landscape architect, furniture designer, city planner, and founding member of CIAM. French architect 75 50
Gustav von Myrdacz Gustav von Myrdacz Gustav von Myrdacz was an Austrian noble who was instrumental in organizing the Royal Albanian Army from the early 1920s to 1945. Austrian noble 70 75
Person Person Description Age Anniv
Pat Swindall Pat Swindall Patrick Lynn Swindall was an American politician, attorney, and businessman who served as a Republican member of the U. US Representative 67 2
Satoru Iwata Satoru Iwata Satoru Iwata was a Japanese businessman, video game programmer, video game designer, and producer. President and CEO of Nintendo 55 5
Rutger Kopland Rutger Kopland Rutger Kopland was a Dutch poet who gained great popularity for his "accessible, thoughtful style, his mild irony, his sentimentality" and whose collections sold over 200,000 copies. Dutch writer 77 8
Ann Mari Sjögren Ann Mari Sjögren Ann Mari Sjögren was a Swedish fantasy artist and illustrator. Swedish artist 92 10
Joe Gold Joe Gold Joe Gold was an American bodybuilder and businessman. American bodybuilder 82 16
Finnis D. McCleery Finnis D. McCleery Finnis Dawson McCleery was a United States Army soldier and a recipient of the United States military's highest decoration—the Medal of Honor—for his actions in the Vietnam War. United States Army Medal of Honor recipient 74 18
Robert Runcie Robert Runcie Robert Alexander Kennedy Runcie, Baron Runcie, MC, PC was an English Anglican bishop. Archbishop of Canterbury 78 20
Peggy Knudsen Peggy Knudsen Margaret Ann "Peggy" Knudsen was an American character actress. American character actress 57 40
Ray Collins Ray Collins Ray Bidwell Collins was an American character actor in stock and Broadway theatre, radio, films, and television. American character actor 75 55
James Caleb Jackson James Caleb Jackson James Caleb Jackson was an American nutritionist and the inventor of the first dry, whole grain breakfast cereal which he called Granula. American inventor 84 125