Died on this Day

Anniversary Date: 17-Sep

Died on This Day (17-Sep)

Person Person Description Age Anniv
Cokie Roberts Cokie Roberts Mary Martha Corinne Morrison Claiborne "Cokie" Roberts was an American journalist and author. American journalist and bestselling author 75 1
Bobby Heenan Bobby Heenan Raymond Louis Heenan was an American professional wrestling manager, color commentator, wrestler, and comedian. American professional wrestling manager 72 3
Eiji Toyoda Eiji Toyoda Eiji Toyoda was a Japanese industrialist. He was largely responsible for bringing Toyota Motor Corporation to profitability and worldwide prominence during his tenure as president and later, as chairman. Japanese businessman 100 7
Eleanor Mondale Eleanor Mondale Eleanor Jane Mondale Poling was an American radio personality, television host, and actress. American actress 51 9
Alfred Reed Alfred Reed Alfred Reed was an American neoclassical composer, with more than two hundred published works for concert band, orchestra, chorus, and chamber ensemble to his name. American composer 84 15
Leendert Ginjaar Leendert Ginjaar Leendert Ginjaar was a Dutch politician of the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy and chemist. Dutch politician 75 17
Alexandra Petrova Alexandra Petrova Alexandra Valeryevna Petrova was a Russian model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Russia 1996. Russian model 19 20
Laura Ashley Laura Ashley Laura Ashley was a Welsh fashion designer and businesswoman. Welsh fashion designer 60 35
Anton Vodnik Anton Vodnik Anton Vodnik was a Slovenian poet, art historian, and critic. Slovenian writer 69 50
Charlie Eden Charlie Eden Charles M. Eden was an outfielder in Major League Baseball. Major League Baseball outfielder 65 100
Person Person Description Age Anniv
Celia Barquín Arozamena Celia Barquín Arozamena was a Spanish amateur golfer. Spanish amateur golfer 22 2
Bahman Golbarnezhad Bahman Golbarnezhad Bahman Golbarnezhad was an Iranian Paralympic racing cyclist competing in C4 classification events and an earlier powerlifter. Iranian Paralympic racing cyclist 48 4
Russell E. Train Russell E. Train Russell Errol Train was the second administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency , from September 1973 to January 1977 and the founder chairman emeritus of World Wildlife Fund . Environmental Protection Agency 92 8
Puttaraj Gawai Puttaraj Gawai Pandit Puttaraj Gawayigalu was an Indian musician in the Hindustani classical tradition, a scholar who authored more than 80 books in Kannada, Sanskrit and Hindi, a music teacher and a social servant. Indian singer 96 10
Galina Rumiantseva Galina Rumiantseva Galina Alexeevna Rumiantseva was a Russian Soviet realist painter and graphic artist, who lived and worked in Saint Petersburg . Russian artist 77 16
André Rousseau André Rousseau André Rousseau, , was an entrepreneur and politician in Quebec. Canadian politician 91 18
Dorothy Smith Cummings Dorothy Smith Cummings Dorothy Smith Cummings was a seven time national women's target archery champion. American archer 92 25
Joseph-Ernest Grégoire Joseph-Ernest Grégoire Joseph-Ernest Grégoire CBE was a French Canadian politician. Canadian politician 94 40
Albert David Albert David Albert Leroy David was an officer in the United States Navy during World War II and a recipient of two Navy Crosses as well as the Medal of Honor. United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient 43 75
Johann Sigmund Schuckert Johann Sigmund Schuckert Johann Sigmund Schuckert was an electrical engineer and the founder of Schuckert & Co. German engineer 48 125