Died on this Day

Anniversary Date: 21-Oct

Died on This Day (21-Oct)

Person Person Description Age Anniv
Willie Brown Willie Brown William Ferdie Brown was an American professional football player, coach, and executive. American football player 78 1
Rosemary Leach Rosemary Leach Rosemary Anne Leach was a British stage, television and film actress. British stage, television and film actress 81 3
Peter Baldwin Peter Baldwin Peter Francis Baldwin was an English actor. He was best known for his role as Derek Wilton in the British soap opera Coronation Street. British actor 82 5
Gianni Ferrio Gianni Ferrio Gianni Ferrio was an Italian composer, conductor and music arranger. Italian composer 88 7
Antonio Cassese Antonio Cassese Antonio Cassese OMRI was an Italian jurist who specialized in public international law. Italian judge 74 9
Robert Badham Robert Badham Robert Edward Badham was an American politician from California. American politician 76 15
Shannon Hoon Shannon Hoon Richard Shannon Hoon was an American singer-songwriter and musician. American singer 28 25
Dan White Dan White Daniel James White was an American politician who assassinated San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk, on Monday, November 27, 1978, at City Hall. Assassin 39 35
Charles Reidpath Charles Reidpath Charles Decker Reidpath was an American track and field sprinter and winner of two gold medals at the 1912 Summer Olympics, who later went on to have an outstanding military career. United States Army general 86 45
Frank Bond Frank Bond Frank Bond was a Canadian businessman and entrepreneur, known for his economic investments and business enterprises in New Mexico. American businessman 82 75
Person Person Description Age Anniv
Joachim Rønneberg Joachim Rønneberg Joachim Holmboe Rønneberg DSO was a Norwegian Army officer and broadcaster. Norwegian Army officer and broadcaster 99 2
Richard Nicoll Richard Philip Nicoll was an English fashion designer, best known for his work on modernist classics with the coined term "night-to-day" versatility. English fashion designer 39 4
Ben Bradlee Ben Bradlee Benjamin Crowninshield Bradlee was an American journalist who served as managing editor, then as executive editor of The Washington Post, from 1965 to 1991. Washington Post Editor 93 6
George McGovern George McGovern George Stanley McGovern was an American historian and South Dakota politician who was a U. American politician 90 8
José Carbajal José Carbajal José María Carbajal Pruzzo , known as El Sabalero was an Uruguayan singer, composer and guitarist. Uruguayan musician 66 10
Victoria Snelgrove Victoria Snelgrove Victoria E. Snelgrove was an American journalism student at Emerson College in Boston, who died after being shot by officer Rochefort Milien of the Boston Police Department using a less-lethal weapon. Baseball fan 21 16
Thomas Carvel Thomas Carvel Tom Carvel ; July 14, 1906 – October 21, 1990) was a Greek-born American businessman and entrepreneur known for the invention and promotion of soft ice cream in the northeastern United States. Ice Cream business founder 84 30
Edelmiro Julián Farrell Edelmiro Julián Farrell Edelmiro Julián Farrell Plaul was an Argentine general. President of Argentina 93 40
John T. Scopes John T. Scopes John Thomas Scopes was a teacher in Dayton, Tennessee, who was charged on May 5, 1925 with violating Tennessee's Butler Act, which prohibited the teaching of human evolution in Tennessee schools. American schoolteacher 70 50
Louisa Anne Meredith Louisa Anne Meredith Louisa Anne Meredith , also known as Louisa Anne Twamley, was an Anglo/Australian writer, illustrator and possibly one of Australia's earliest photographers. British-Australian writer and illustrator 83 125