Died on this Day

Anniversary Date: 03-Nov

Died on This Day (03-Nov)

Person Person Description Age Anniv
Yvette Lundy Yvette Lundy Yvette Lundy was a French resistance fighter during the French Resistance of World War II. Member of the French Resistance during WWII 103 1
Trevor Bell Trevor Bell was an English Leeds-born artist and contemporary visual artist. English painter 87 3
Tom Graveney Tom Graveney Thomas William Graveney OBE was an English first-class cricketer, representing his country in 79 Test matches and scoring over 4,800 runs. English cricketer 88 5
Carmélia Alves Carmélia Alves Carmélia Alves , a Brazilian singer known as the "Queen of Baião", was one of the country's best-known performers of baião, a folk rhythm popular in Northeast Brazil. Brazilian singer 89 8
Viktor Chernomyrdin Viktor Chernomyrdin Viktor Stepanovich Chernomyrdin was a Soviet and Russian politician and businessman. Russian diplomat 72 10
Gábor Fodor Gábor Fodor Gábor Béla Fodor was a Hungarian-American chemist, medical research scientist, and professor of chemistry. Hungarian chemist, Nobel Prize nominate 84 20
Mary Martin Mary Martin Mary Virginia Martin was an American actress and singer. Actress/Singer 76 30
Johnnie Wallace Johnnie Wallace Arthur Cooper "Johnnie" Wallace was an Australian rugby union player, a state and national representative three-quarter who captained the Waratahs on 25 occasions in the 1920s as well as representing Scotland early in his career. Australian rugby union player 75 45
Kenneth Stuart Kenneth Stuart Lieutenant-General Kenneth Stuart CB DSO MC was a senior Canadian Army officer who saw active service during both the First World War and, later, the Second World War. Canadian general 54 75
Jared M. Brush Jared M. Brush Jared M. Brush was Mayor of Pittsburgh from 1869 to 1872. American politician 81 125
Person Person Description Age Anniv
Mari Hulman George Mari Hulman George Mary Antonia "Mari" Hulman George was the daughter of Anton "Tony" Hulman and Mary Fendrich Hulman, prominent Indiana philanthropists and business owners. Speedway pioneer 83 2
Clive Derby-Lewis Clive Derby-Lewis Clive John Derby-Lewis was a South African politician, who was involved first in the National Party and then, while serving as a member of parliament, in the Conservative Party. South African politician 80 4
Gamani Corea Gamani Corea Deshamanya Gamani Corea was a Sri Lankan economist, civil servant and diplomat. Sri Lankan diplomat 87 7
Bob Forsch Bob Forsch Robert Herbert Forsch was an American professional baseball player who spent most of his sixteen years in Major League Baseball with the St. American baseball player 61 9
Kent Andersson Kent Andersson Kent Yngve Andersson was a Swedish actor, theatre director and playwright. Swedish actor, playwright and director 71 15
Arthur Bottomley Arthur Bottomley Arthur George Bottomley, Baron Bottomley, OBE, PC was a British Labour politician, Member of Parliament and minister. British politician 88 25
Robert W. Grow Robert W. Grow Major General Robert Walker Grow was a senior United States Army officer who commanded the 6th Armored Division during World War II. Commanding general of 6th Armored in World War II 90 35
Peter II of Yugoslavia Peter II of Yugoslavia Peter II was the last king of Yugoslavia, reigning from October 1934 until his deposition in November 1945. King of Yugoslavia 47 50
Edgar Crow Baker Edgar Crow Baker Edgar Crow Baker was a Canadian politician from British Columbia. Canadian politician 75 100
Diego Noboa Diego Noboa Diego de Noboa y Arteta was President of Ecuador from 8 December 1850 to 26 February 1851 and 26 February 1851 to 17 July 1851. President of Ecuador 81 150