Died on this Day

Anniversary Date: 29-Nov

Died on This Day (29-Nov)

Person Person Description Age Anniv
Irving Burgie Irving Louis Burgie , sometimes known professionally as Lord Burgess, was an American musician and songwriter, regarded as one of the greatest composers of Caribbean music. American musician 95 1
Slobodan Praljak Slobodan Praljak Slobodan Praljak was a Bosnian Croat who served in the Croatian Army and the Croatian Defence Council, an army of the Croatian Republic of Herzeg-Bosnia, between 1992 and 1995. Bosnian Croat general 72 3
Bram van der Lek Bram van der Lek Bram van der Lek was a Dutch politician and author. Dutch politician 82 7
David Sanjek David Sanjek David Sanjek was a Professor of Popular Music and Director of the University of Salford Music Research Centre in Salford, Greater Manchester, England. American academic 59 9
Vic Power Vic Power Victor Felipe Pellot , also known professionally as Vic Power, was a Puerto Rican professional baseball first baseman. Puerto Rican baseball player 78 15
Tony Canadeo Tony Canadeo Anthony Robert Canadeo was a professional American football player who played as a back in the National Football League for the Green Bay Packers from 1941 to 1952, having missed most of the 1944 season and the entire 1945 season while serving in the U. Player of American football 84 17
Lou Groza Lou Groza Louis Roy Groza , nicknamed "the Toe", was an American professional football player who was a placekicker and offensive tackle while playing his entire career for the Cleveland Browns in the All-America Football Conference and National Football League . Player of American football 76 20
Bill Scott Bill Scott William John Scott was an American voice actor, writer and producer for animated cartoons, primarily associated with Jay Ward and UPA, as well as one of the founding members of ASIFA-Hollywood. American voice actor 65 35
Graham Hill Graham Hill Norman Graham Hill OBE was a British racing driver and team owner, who was the Formula One World Champion twice, winning in 1962 and 1968 as well as being runner up on three occasions . British racing driver 46 45
George C. Paterson George C. Paterson George Cornell "Bubbles" Paterson was an American football player and engineer. American football player 54 75
Person Person Description Age Anniv
Ruth Haring Ruth Haring Ruth Inez Haring , also known as Ruth Orton, was an American chess player who held the FIDE title of Woman International Master . American chess player 63 2
Marcos Danilo Padilha Marcos Danilo Padilha , simply known as Danilo, was a Brazilian footballer who last played for Chapecoense as a goalkeeper. Chapecoense football accident victim 31 4
Klaus Schütz Klaus Schütz Klaus Schütz was a German politician, who served as the Mayor of West Berlin from 1967 to 1977, as a member of the Social Democratic Party . German politician 86 8
Maurice Wilkes Maurice Wilkes Sir Maurice Vincent Wilkes FRS FREng was a British computer scientist who designed and helped build the Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator , one of the earliest stored program computers, and who invented microprogramming, a method for using stored-program logic to operate the control unit of a central processing unit's circuits. British computer scientist 97 10
Harry Danning Harry Danning Harry Danning was an American professional baseball player. American baseball player 93 16
Daniel Gélin Daniel Gélin Daniel Yves Alfred Gélin was a French film and television actor. French actor, director, screenwriter 81 18
Augusto H. Álvarez Augusto H. Álvarez Augusto Harold Álvarez García was a Mexican Modernist architect. Architect 80 25
Dorothy Day Dorothy Day Dorothy Day was an American journalist, social activist and anarchist who, after a bohemian youth, became a Catholic without abandoning her social and anarchist activism. Social activist 83 40
Robert T. Frederick Robert T. Frederick Major General Robert Tryon Frederick was a senior United States Army officer who fought in World War II. Recipient of the Purple Heart medal 63 50
William Richardson Davie William Richardson Davie William Richardson Davie was a Founding Father of the United States, military officer during the Revolutionary War, and 10th Governor of North Carolina, from 1798–1799. Governor of North Carolina 64 200