Died on this Day

Anniversary Date: 29-Dec

Died on This Day (29-Dec)

Person Person Description Age Anniv
Radhakrishnan Dhanarajan R Dhanarajan was an Indian football player from Palghat, Kerala who played as a defender. Indian footballer 39 1
Carmen Franco Carmen Franco María del Carmen Franco y Polo, 1st Duchess of Franco, Grandee of Spain, Marchioness of Villaverde was the only child of Spain's caudillo, General Francisco Franco and his wife, Carmen Polo y Martínez-Valdés. General Franco's daughter 91 3
Pavel Srníček Pavel Srníček Pavel Srníček was a Czech football coach and former professional player who played as a goalkeeper. Czech footballer (goalkeeper) 47 5
Ben Overton Ben Overton Benjamin Frederick Overton was a justice of the Supreme Court of Florida. American lawyer 86 8
Vladan Batić Vladan Batić Vladan Batić was a Serbian lawyer and politician. Serbian politician, Minister of Justice 61 10
Julius Axelrod Julius Axelrod Julius Axelrod was an American biochemist. He won a share of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1970 along with Bernard Katz and Ulf von Euler. American neuroscientist 92 16
Don Clarke Don Clarke Donald Barry Clarke was a New Zealand rugby union player who played 89 times as a New Zealand international from 1956 until 1964. New Zealand rugby player 69 18
Lita Grey Lita Grey Lita Grey , who was known for most of her life as Lita Grey Chaplin, was an American actress and the second wife of Charlie Chaplin. American actress 77 35
Euell Gibbons Euell Gibbons Euell Theophilus Gibbons was an outdoorsman and early health food advocate, promoting eating wild foods during the 1960s. American health food advocate 64 45
Warren Miller Warren Miller Warren Miller was a lawyer and Republican politician from West Virginia who served as a United States representative in the 54th and 55th United States Congresses, as well as both houses of the West Virginia legislature Senate and on the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals. American politician 73 100
Person Person Description Age Anniv
Aldo Parisot Aldo Parisot Aldo Simoes Parisot was a Brazilian-born American cellist and cello teacher. Brazilian-born American cellist 100 2
Laurie Carlos Laurie Carlos Laurie Dorothea Carlos was an American actress and avant-garde performance artist, playwright and theater director. American actress 67 4
Wojciech Kilar Wojciech Kilar Wojciech Kilar was a Polish classical and film music composer. Polish composer 81 7
Don Mueller Don Mueller Donald Frederick Mueller was a professional baseball player who played mainly as a right fielder in Major League Baseball for 12 seasons from 1948 until 1959. Baseball player 84 9
Andrew Mattison Andrew Mattison Andrew Michael Mattison was a medical psychologist and researcher. American psychiatrist 57 15
Earl Hindman Earl John Hindman was an American actor, best known for his role as the kindly unseen neighbor Wilson W. American film and television actor 61 17
Nello Celio Nello Celio Nello Celio was a Swiss politician from the Canton of Ticino. Swiss politician 81 25
John R. Rice John R. Rice John Richard Rice was a Baptist evangelist and pastor and the founding editor of The Sword of the Lord, an influential fundamentalist newspaper. American Baptist minister 85 40
Jock Robertson Jock Robertson James Walter "Jock" Robertson was an English association footballer who played professionally for Gillingham. English footballer 72 50
Princess Pauline of Anhalt-Bernburg Princess Pauline of Anhalt-Bernburg Pauline Christine Wilhelmine of Anhalt-Bernburg was a princess consort of Lippe, married in 1796 to Leopold I, Prince of Lippe. Regent of Lippe 51 200