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John McCririck

English TV horse racing pundit

Died when: 79 years 79 days
Star Sign: Aries


John McCririck John Michael McCririck (17 April 1940 – 5 July 2019) was an English horse racing pundit, television personality, and journalist. McCririck began his career at The Sporting Life, where he twice won at the British Press Awards for his campaigning journalism, but he was sacked in 1984. In 1981, he joined ITV Sport's horse racing coverage which moved, during 1984 and 1985, to Channel 4 as Channel 4 Racing. In October 2012, the channel announced that he would be dropped from its team, which McCririck blamed on ageism. McCririck took the matter to an employment tribunal, but he lost. From the 1980s, he made numerous appearances on British television, including as a contestant on Bullseye, Celebrity Big Brother, The Weakest Link, Wife Swap and After Dark.
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