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Jacques-Joseph Haus


Died when: 85 years 49 days (1021 months)
Star Sign: Capricorn


Jacques-Joseph Haus

Jacques-Joseph Haus (5 January 1796 – 23 February 1881) was a Belgian lawyer.He was born in Würzburg to Ernest-Augustus Haus and Marie-Barbe Stang.

He died in Ghent, Belgium.Haus attended school through to university in Würzburg.He achieved a doctor's rank in philosophy on 3 January 1814, two days before turning eighteen.

Three years later, on 26 April 1817, he was proclaimed summa cum laude doctor in civil law and in canonical law.Around 1817, King William I of the Netherlands enacted the creation of three universities in the southern provinces of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands: in Ghent, in Liège and in Louvain (former Catholic University).

As a consequence of the disturbances brought by the French revolution to teaching in these provinces, the personnel necessary for correct operation of these universities was missing.

The government was obliged to search for staffing abroad and mainly in Germany.The thing was facilitated because lessons were to be given in Latin, so knowledge of the national languages was not required.

The rector of the University of Würzburg, consulted by a Dutch diplomat, designated several candidates, including Jacques-Joseph Haus.A royal decree of 26 August 1817 named him professor in criminal law and in natural rights to the Ghent University.

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