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A. Victor Donahey

American politician

Died when: 72 years 275 days (873 months)
Star Sign: Cancer


A. Victor Donahey

Alvin Victor Donahey (also known as A.Victor Donahey, A.Vic Donahey, Vic Donahey, A.V.Donahey, or Honest Vic Donahey) (July 7, 1873 – April 8, 1946) was a Democratic Party politician from Ohio.

Donahey was the 50th Governor of Ohio and a United States Senator from Ohio.Donahey left school early to become a printer; in addition to working as a newspaper editor, he owned his own printing company.

After serving in local and county government as a school board member and county auditor in the early 1900s, in 1912 he won election as Ohio's state auditor, and he served until 1921.

After an unsuccessful campaign for governor in 1920, in 1922 Donahey won the governorship.He was reelected in 1924 and 1926, and served from 1923 to 1929.

In 1934, Donahey won election to the U.S.Senate, and he served one term, 1935 to 1941.After leaving office, Donahey resumed his business interests, including serving as president of the Donahey Clay Products Company, which made tiles for use in home construction.

He died in Columbus in 1946, and was buried at East Avenue Cemetery in New Philadelphia.

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