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Abane Ramdane

Algerian politician

Died when: 37 years 200 days (450 months)
Star Sign: Gemini


Abane Ramdane

Abane Ramdane (June 10, 1920, Larbaâ Nath Irathen – December 27, 1957) was an Algerian political activist and revolutionary born in Kabylie.He played a key role in the organization of the independence struggle during the Algerian war.

His influence was so great that he was known as "the architect of the anti revolution".He was also the architect of the Soummam conference Bejaia in 1956 and was very close to Frantz Fanon.

The National Liberation Front (FLN) had him killed, supposedly for creating a cult of the individual rather than the collective leadership.

He was "super-political" and his murder was disturbing to many FLN members including President Boumédiène who, according to the book, A Savage War of Peace, kept the assassins out of his future Algerian government.

A few years after independence, he was reburied in his native village of Azouza in Tizi Ouzou Province.

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