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Abdallah El-Yafi

Lebanese politician

Died when: 85 years 58 days (1021 months)
Star Sign: Virgo


Abdallah El-Yafi

Abdallah El-Yafi (Arabic: عبد الله اليافي‎ - also transliterated as Abdallah Yafi, Abdallah Bey Aref el-Yafi and other variants; 7 September 1901 – 4 November 1986) was the Prime Minister of Lebanon serving twelve times between 1938 and 1969.

Known for his rigorous integrity and his political impartiality, Abdallah Yafi is considered to be one of the most popular politicians in Lebanese 20th century history.

His ethical behavior in public service is cited as an example in the official civic education high-school textbooks as well as in the graduation of law students.

El-Yafi was at the forefront of the struggle to give women the right to vote, which he was able to achieve with his cabinet in power in 1952.

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