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Abdelaziz of Morocco

Sultan of Morocco

Died when: 65 years 106 days (783 months)
Star Sign: Pisces


Abdelaziz of Morocco

Abdelaziz of Morocco (24 February 1878 – 10 June 1943;Arabic: عبد العزيز الرابع‎), also known as Mulai Abd al-Aziz IV, succeeded his father Hassan I of Morocco as the Sultan of Morocco in 1894 at the age of sixteen.

He was a member of the Alaouite dynasty.He tried to strengthen the central government by implementing a new tax on agriculture and livestock, a measure which was strongly opposed by sections of the society.

This in turn led Abdelaziz to mortgage the customs revenues and to borrow heavily from the French, which was met with widespread revolt and a revolution that deposed him in 1908 in favor of his brother Abd al-Hafid.

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