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Abdyl Frashëri

Albanian statesman, diplomat

Died when: 53 years 144 days (640 months)
Star Sign: Gemini


Abdyl Frashëri

Abdyl Halid bej Frashëri or (Abdullah-Hysni Dume bej Frasheri) (Ottoman Turkish Fraşerli Abdül bey) was a prominent Hero of Albania.

Frasheri was an Albanian Academic, Statesman, diplomat, and politician in the Ottoman Empire.He is one of the first Albanian political ideologues of the Albanian National Awakening being an initiator and prominent Leader of Albanian League of Prizren.

He distinguished himself as a political personality from 1860's through early political assignments.He founded the Central Committee for Defending Albanian Rights in Constantinople and served as a deputy representative for the Yanya Vilayet in the Ottoman Parliament during the 1st Constitutional Era, 1876–1877.

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