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Abdyl Frashëri

Albanian statesman, diplomat

Died when: 53 years 144 days (640 months)
Star Sign: Gemini


Abdyl Frashëri

Abdyl Dume bey Frashëri (Turkish: Fraşerli Abdül Bey; 1 June 1839 – 23 October 1892) was an Ottoman Albanian civil servant, politician during the First Constitutional Era of the Ottoman Empire, and one of the first Albanian political ideologues of the Albanian National Awakening.

During his lifetime Frashëri endeavoured to instill among Albanians patriotism and a strong identity while promoting a reform program based on Albanian language education and literature.

He was one of the initiators and a prominent leader of the League of Prizren.He distinguished himself as a political personality from the 1860s through early political assignments.

He founded the Central Committee for Defending Albanian Rights in Istanbul.He furthermore served as a chosen representative for the Yanya Vilayet in the Ottoman Parliament during the First Constitutional Era, 1876–1877.

During the communist regime he was proclaimed with the honour Hero of Albania.

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