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Abedin Dino

Albanian politician and poet

Died when: 63 years 34 days
Star Sign: Aries


Abedin Dino Abedin bey Dino (Turkish: Prevezeli Abeddin Bey Dino), also Abedin Pasha (Turkish: Prevezeli Abidin Paşa; April 5, 1843, in Preveza – May 9, 1906, in Istanbul, Ottoman Empire) was an Albanian patriot, politician, ideologue and diplomat. As a rilindas involved in the Albanian National Awakening, he was one of the founders of the League of Prizren and its chief representative for Epirus (1878). Dino was one of the main promoters in the need for the creation of the Autonomous Albanian Vilayet under the Ottoman suzerainty, and later a contributor in the Albanian independence.
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