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Abel Niepce de Saint-Victor

French photographic inventor

Died when: 64 years 255 days (776 months)
Star Sign: Leo


Abel Niepce de Saint-Victor

Claude Félix Abel Niépce de Saint-Victor (26 July 1805, Saint-Cyr, Saône-et-Loire – 7 April 1870, Paris) was a French photographic inventor.

An army lieutenant and cousin of Nicéphore Niépce, he first experimented in 1847 with negatives made with albumen on glass, a method subsequently used by the Langenheim brothers for their lantern slides.

At his laboratory near Paris, Niépce de Saint-Victor worked on the fixation of natural photographic colour as well as the perfection of his cousin's process for photomechanical printing.

His method of photomechanical printing, called heliogravure, was published in 1856 in Traité pratique de gravure héliographique.In the 1850s he also published frequently in La Lumière.

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