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Abraham Goldfaden

Russian-born Jewish poet, founder Yiddish theatre

Died when: 67 years 169 days (809 months)
Star Sign: Leo


Abraham Goldfaden

Abraham Goldfaden (Yiddish: אַבֿרהם גאָלדפֿאַדען; born Avrum Goldnfoden; 24 July 1840 – 9 January 1908), also known as Avram Goldfaden, was a Russian-born Jewish poet, playwright, stage director and actor in the languages Yiddish and Hebrew, author of some 40 plays.

Goldfaden is considered the father of modern Jewish theatre.In 1876 he founded in Romania what is generally credited as the world's first professional Yiddish-language theater troupe.

He was also responsible for the first Hebrew-language play performed in the United States.The of Iaşi, Romania, is named and held in his honour.

Jacob Sternberg called him "the Prince Charming who woke up the lethargic Romanian Jewish culture." Israil Bercovici wrote of his works: "we find points in common with what we now call 'total theater'.

In many of his plays he alternates prose and verse, pantomime and dance, moments of acrobatics and some of jonglerie, and even of spiritualism..."

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