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Abraham Hirsch

Swedish music publisher

Died when: 84 years 191 days (1014 months)
Star Sign: Leo


Abraham Hirsch

Abraham Hirsch (16 August 1815, Stockholm - 23 February 1900, Stockholm) was a Swedish music publisher, politician, and businessman.He played an instrumental role in establishing the Swedish Art Music Society in 1859.

From 1869-1876 he was the CFO of Aftonbladet and for many year he was a councilman for the city of Stockholm.

As a music publisher he published works for several notable Swedish composers, including Isidor Dannström, Ivar Hallström, , Adolf Fredrik Lindblad, August Söderman, Emil Sjögren, and Gunnar Wennerberg among others.

He was the father of painter Hanna Hirsch-Pauli.

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