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Elias Stein

Dutch chess master

Died when: 64 years 220 days (775 months)
Star Sign: Aquarius


Elias Stein

Elias Stein (5 February 1748, in Forbach – 12 September 1812, in The Hague) was a Dutch chess master.Born in Lorraine into a Jewish family, he settled in The Hague.

Stein was also employed as chess teacher of the sons of William V, Prince of Orange, and thereby introduced chess to the Dutch high society.

He recommended what is now known as Dutch Defence as the best reply to 1.d4 in his book Nouvel essai sur le jeu des échecs, avec des réflexions militaires relatives à ce jeu (1789).

His biography was written by lieutenant-colonel F.W. von Mauvillon in the book Anweisung zur Erlernung des Schachspiels (Essen, Germany, 1827).

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