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Abraham Valdelomar

Peruvian writer

Died when: 31 years 190 days (378 months)
Star Sign: Taurus


Abraham Valdelomar

Pedro Abraham Valdelomar Pinto (April 27, 1888 - November 3, 1919) was a Peruvian narrator, poet, journalist, essayist and dramatist; he is considered the founder of the avant-garde in Peru, although more for his dandy-like public poses and his founding of the journal Colónida than for his own writing, which is lyrically posmodernista rather than aggressively experimental.

Like Charles Baudelaire in 19th century Paris, he claimed to have made his country aware for the first time of the relationship between poetry and the market, and to have recognized the need for the writer to turn himself into a celebrity.

He has been pictured on the Peruvian Nuevo Sol S/ 50 banknote since its introduction in 1991.

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