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Abram Wakeman

American lawyer and politician

Died when: 65 years 29 days (780 months)
Star Sign: Gemini


Abram Wakeman

Abram Wakeman (May 31, 1824 – June 29, 1889) was an attorney, businessman, and politician from New York City.An important figure in the creation of the Republican Party in the mid-1850s, and a supporter of the Union during the American Civil War, he was most notable for his service as a U.S.

Representative from New York.A native of Greenfield Hill, Connecticut, Wakeman completed a college preparatory education, taught school while studying law, and attained admission to the bar in 1847.

He practiced in New York City, and also became involved in several businesses, including banks, railroads, and insurance companies.A political colleague of William H.

Seward and Thurlow Weed, Wakeman became active in politics as a Whig and served in the New York State Assembly (1850–1852) and as a city Alderman (1854–1856).

In 1854, Wakeman was elected to Congress, and he served one term, 1855 to 1857.He helped found the Republican Party in 1855, and was a delegate to the 1856 Republican National Convention.

During the American Civil War, Wakeman was a strong supporter of the Union, and provided important organizational and financial aid.

His support for the Abraham Lincoln administration resulted in lucrative political appointments as Postmaster of New York City (1862–1864), and Surveyor of the Port of New York (1864–1869).

In his later years, Wakeman was one of the developers of Coney Island as a resort and amusement destination, and realized a substantial profit when he sold out to a syndicate of investors.

He died in New York City, and was buried at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn.

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