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Adéodat Compère-Morel

French politician

Died when: 68 years 302 days (825 months)
Star Sign: Libra


Adéodat Compère-Morel

Adéodat Constant Adolphe Compère-Morel (5 October 1872 – 3 August 1941) was a French Socialist politician, agronomist, orator and writer.Characterized as a Marxist doctrinaire, he was one of the founders of the Socialist Party of France (Parti socialiste de France, PSdF).

A gifted propagandist, he was a particular expert on social reform in rural France and became viewed as his party's agrarian specialist.

He was an associate of the likes of revolutionary Marxist socialist journalist and literary critic Paul Lafargue and authored many books and papers, several of which were partly written with Lafargue.

His best known and most influential work was Encyclopédie socialiste syndicale et coopérative de l'International ouvrière, published in 1912.

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