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Adam Chętnik

Polish ethnographer

Died when: 81 years 160 days (977 months)
Star Sign: Sagittarius


Adam Chętnik Adam Chętnik (Polish pronunciation: [ˈadam ˈxɛntɲik]; born December 20, 1885 in Nowogród, died May 29, 1967 in Warsaw) was a Polish ethnographer who studied the Kurpie. He is the author of several books on the Kurpie residing in Puszcza Zielona. In 1927 he founded Skansen Kurpiowski in Nowogród, an open-air museum dedicated to Kurpie culture. He published over 100 scholarly works. He was also an elected deputy to the Sejm, as well as a member of the Polish Academy of Learning.
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