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Adam František Kollár

Slovak historian

Died when: 65 years 84 days (782 months)
Star Sign: Aries


Adam František Kollár

Adam František Kollár de Keresztén (German: Adam Franz Kollar von Keresztén, Hungarian: kereszténi Kollár Ádám Ferenc; 1718–1783) was a Slovak jurist, Imperial-Royal Court Councillor and Chief Imperial-Royal Librarian, a member of Natio Hungarica in the Kingdom of Hungary, a historian, ethnologist, an influential advocate of Empress Maria Theresa's Enlightened and centralist policies.

His advancement of Maria Theresa's status in the Kingdom of Hungary as its apostolic ruler in 1772 was used as an argument in support of the subsequent Habsburg annexations of Galicia and Dalmatia.

Kollár is also credited with coining the term ethnology and providing its first definition in 1783.Some authors see him as one of the earliest pro-Slovak, pro-Slavic, and pan-Slavic activists in the Habsburg monarchy.

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