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Adolf Dymsza

Polish actor

Died when: 75 years 135 days (904 months)
Star Sign: Aries


Adolf Dymsza

Adolf Dymsza (born Adolf Bagiński; 7 April 1900 – 20 August 1975) was a Polish comedy actor of both the pre-World War II and post-war eras.

He starred in both theatre and film productions, mainly before World War II.He and Kazimierz Krukowski performed as the duo Lopek and Florek in kleynkunst productions at Qui Pro Quo and other noted Warsaw cabarets.

Another pseudonym was "Dodek." He was arguably the most popular Polish comic actor of the 1930s, Andrzej Wajda remarked once, that for him Dymsza and Bodo were symbols of pre-war Polish cinema in general.

To this day he is considered the king of Polish film comedy.

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