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Adriaan Kluit

Dutch historian

Died when: 71 years 337 days (863 months)
Star Sign: Aquarius


Adriaan Kluit

Adriaan Kluit (Dordrecht, 9 February 1735 – Leiden, 12 January 1807) was a Dutch scholar, important in Dutch linguistics.He was rector of the Latin school in Alkmaar and Middelburg.

In 1779 he became the professor of history at the University of Leiden, remaining there until his death.Kluit has two major historical works to his name: Historia critica comitatus Hollandiae et Zeelandiae (published between 1777 and 1782 in Middelburg) and Historie der Hollandsche Staatsregering tot 1795 (History of the Dutch State Government until 1795, published between 1802 and 1805).

In the latter, Kluit examined the origins of the states of Holland and their position from the Middle Ages until 1795 – he concluded that the states was not sovereign, but its 'landsheer' (lord) was.

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